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Alright boys,      Summer's obviously around the corner. So, the wardrobe will call for some skin baring attire (shorts, et al). And, coming from Irish and Scottish descent, I don't exactly do well in the sun. I burn quite easily. I've used sunless tanning lotions in the past and found Coppertone to be the best, but I'm wondering if any of you guys have suggestions (or warnings). Thanks for everything.
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I've had the best luck with Clarins Lait Auto-Bronzant, although I'm going to try out Neutrogena's tanner this summer and see how it compares. The only warnings I have are the obvious ones: follow the directions scrupulously, so you don't end up streaking your tan and staining your clothes; and, make sure you use a strong sunscreen, as the self-tanning creams provide minimal protection from UV at best.
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I'm going to save you the embarrasment now; don't use Neutrogena self-tanner. I did once (I have no idea why), but just tested it on my arm (thank god...). But if your going for that bright orange skin tone, then I'd say get it. This is one product you don't want to skimp on. Spend an extra $20, it will be worth it. The new GQ has some suggestions. Has anyone tried the Zirh tanner? The only tanner I use is the Aramis surface healthy look gel; which is for the face only. It is extremely natural looking and washes off easily. I'd say definatly stick to department store brands and make sure you test them before buying.
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Playboy actually ran a similar article a few months ago...Anyways, I was at the department store the other day looking at Zirh's tanner, and the only thing I have against it is that they recommend not dressing or putting anything on your face for half an hour. With the hour it takes me to get ready to go out, I don't know if I can handle another half hour for my routine.. Mike C., is that tanner you were talking about Lab Series, or Surface? And do they have similar rules like Zirh? I would like a tanner for my face only. I completely agree on you with the fact that the expensive self tanners should be purchased. The good thing about Zirh tanner as well is that it serves a moisturizer and I believe has a good dose of Aloe Vera in it too.
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I also once tried Neutrogena (the spray-on in the yellow bottle). I'd have to say it smelled terrible. At one point, the smell made me sick. I didn't have an orange effect, but the smell was sometimes unbearable. Take it for what it's worth. They may have another type of tanner. But I'd say stay away from the yellow bottle. The new GQ, as in June issue? I haven't gotten it yet. Last month's came a little late, too. hmm, oh well. I'll be checking my mail box.
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FS: I use The Aramis Surface, Healty Look Gel. It dries and colors almost instantly. It's great for just the face. The best thing is that it is unscented, somewhat different than most other tanners which smell like urine. This is the perfect product if your just looking for some color in the face. I also recommend the Surface Skin Optimizing Cream. It's basically a moisturizer with subtle blue reflectors in it, which add a healthy shine to your face. Doubled up with the Healty Look Gel your face will never look better. You need to apply the Healthy Look Gel first for the best effect (even though the ignorant salesmen at Bloomingdale's suggested the other way around; I hate when sales people try to put one over on me and it turns out I'm more knowledgeable on the subject).
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Mike, Thanx for the wonderful advice.
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