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Koko's shoes Lodon cobbler service

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After reading Justin the shoe snob's post on London cobblers I went to check out Koko's in east finchley, London to have a pair of blakeys installed on my septieme largeur jodhpur boots. Pretty happy with the result. Check the pictures to see for yourself. d4b7802b-29ea-281f.jpg

I am here:
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Do you work at Kokos?
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No of course not. Just thought it might be useful info. Judge the result for yourself.
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How much did you pay for it? I had my Campanile's Captoe oxford re-soled by them last year, but did not ask for the metal tips to be installed, now I think I should have...
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22 pounds for it, although I paid a few extra pounds, because they had to build up the worn down leather at the toe first. Don't know how that compares to other cobblers. Obviously not cheap, but figure it will probably double the time I get from them before having to resole them.
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In the last 6 weeks I have had three shoes full resoled (with toe segs) by Kokos

Crockett & Jones for Kilgour (loafer): also got: repaired inside the heel rear
Cheaney for Gieves & Hawkes (oxford): also got: new laces, new insoles
Cheaney (derby) - also got: new laces, new insoles, scuffed toes repaired

All three cost the same price and were ready within two weeks, they only bad point is that they do not call to confirm the shoes are ready even though they promised this on both occasions.
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I normally buy rtw from Foster or Cleverley (the Crockett and Jones last 337 ones) and in the past had them install lulus, Foster charged £35 and Cleverley £45.

one day while in Crockett and Jones burlington arcade picking up some shoe trees i saw a pile of shoes being sent to KOKO, the manager said they are a great cobbler. so for the last few pairs of shoes i have taken them to finchly and KOKO have installed the lulus for £22 although they did managed to put a deep scratch in one pair). I suspect that both foster and Cleverley send repair work such as this to KOKO

there is an amazing (not to mention attractive) polish chiropodist a few mins away from there she has several bespoke shoes from Jan Kielman, i was very impressed (i am planning on visiting them this summer while visiting a jeweler in Warsaw)
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