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Gray hair info

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I almost hate to be this concerned about a very minor problem but I have a limited amount of gray hair on both sides of my head in the sideburn area. It shouldn't bother me, but it does, so I'd like to do a very limited amount of hair coloring. Does anyone out there have any suggestions or products that would color just a small area or even specific strands of hair? Single life is tough and I like women at least 10 years younger so I guess I'm just trying to stack the odds in my favor.
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In my experience, younger women like older men, and find a tad of gray at the sides to be distinguished. (More women find Sean Connery sexy than they do Brad Pitt.) I also think you'll have a better shot at finding compatible younger women if they know they're getting an older guy from the start, rather than being "tricked" into thinking you're younger, only to have a problem in conversation when they encounter the generation gap. Of course, I'm assuming you're looking to have conversations. That said, I would talk to your hairstylist about how best to cover the gray. He/she is likely to do a better job for you than you can do yourself with an off-the-shelf product. (If not, then maybe it's time to find a new hairstylist.)
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Be very careful. The body is giving an indicator that it is becoming sick and in time (20 -30 years or whatever) if you don't stop it you will die of an aneurysm [if you don't die of anything beforehand]. Grey hair is the bodies sign that the elastic fibres in the veins and arteries are brittle and breaking down. lf you have high blood pressure, the arteries are very prone to bursting because the brittle arteries cannot with stand the pressure from the blood. Don't treat the problem, fix the problem. Lots of copper rich foods and raw green juices and not much cooked food. l have helped several dedicated people this way.
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