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Polo blue label khaki suit

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I have been thinking about getting a Khaki suit for some time now. I recently saw this one at Polo.com. It is sized as S,M,L... instead of the traditional chest measurement. I have purchased sport coats from them with this sizing before, and the medium works great, my concern is with the pants(which I will contact them for measurements). Mainly, I would just like to hear peoples opinions on the suit...good or bad. Fire away... Thanks
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I like it and have seen some nice ones like it but if it were me I'd see if they had it in Linen maybe? Personally i think the Polo blue label is good stuff.
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Make sure you are comfortable with the patch pockets. I personally am not a fan. I can't see the vest getting much wear -- extra layers are not good for the summer heat. If this is a blue label, then I say go for it. The knock on blue label (by corneliani i believe) is that they are fused and over-priced. But this is suit is inexpensive and made of cotton (making fusing less onerous).
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ive seen this suit, and actually tried it on, but didnt buy it. think of it as a casual suit that is made of cotton chino material. it is very decontructed, and comes in s,m,l, xl. The medium size comes with 34 waist, 32 inseam pants. the large came with 36 waist, 34 inseam. I loved the suit, and would have bought it, but its way to short for anyone over about 5-11. otherwise i think its a great deal on a funky casual suit.
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Thanks for the measurements. I have emailed Polo.com many times and all they have done is refer me to their size chart (which isn't much help for a suit). More opinions?
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like I said, I actually tried both the M and the L on. I am a 40L, with a 33 inch waist. The coat fit me perfectly in every way, but was way too short. The vest fit me great also, except the length. The pants were fine, at a 34-32. The large, obviously was just too baggy. The short answer is I think the M matches up nicely with a 40R and the L is more of a 42-44R. Hope that helps.
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Okay, I thought you were saying the pants were too short (which confused me) I am 6 ft. even, would the jacket not work at all? Is it just the jacket length, or the arms as well? How short was it? (size medium). Thanks again
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im sorry if i wasnt clear. the pants are 34 inch waist, 32 inch inseam. The coat is simply too short on my body. its not a long size. The arms on every coat are generally too short on me (i have a 37 inch sleeve).
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