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How to carry all those damn coins in Europe

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How does one manage being in Europe without accruing an absurd amount of coins in every pocket? Is this the reason manpurses are more widely accepted there? Maybe a butch looking coin purse to stash away in your briefcase?

Yes, I just said "butch looking coin purse."
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Spend them. If you're not used to using them, they tend to accumulate in the bottom of the pocket. But they spend the same as paper money. So seize the opportunity and swap them for desirable goods or services.
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use card everywhere
visit cafes often
leave rest as tip
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If you use cash with same frequency in both continents the US will actually leave you with many many more coins. Europe has round prices (taxes are incorporated). Keep the 0.5, 1 and 2 euros and use them for coffee
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No this is a total major issue. The key is to make sure you end up with 1 or 2 euro coins by giving the shop keeper correct change, or to leave some of the change at home. The problem is that because the money is in coins you end up sending it more easily. You assume coins=small change, even if a 2 euro coin is actually closer to 3 dollars.
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Similar problem in Canada for some time now with $1 and $2 coins on top of the usual change. Can get pretty bothersome to carry around. I've been using a normal wallet with a built-in coin compartment. It helps immensely to keep all the cash in one place and minimize fumbling around when paying cash. As others have said, a little forethought as to when and where to use coins can really help to keep the dead weight down to manageable levels. It's too bad we don't have price rounding which would get rid of some low-value cent-based coins.
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Exactly. I just spent two months in the E.U. this summer and, because of international transaction fees, withdrew the maximum from the ATM and just walked around with it until it was all spent. But holy damn did I feel the weight of those euro coins in my pocket! I met a lot of locals who carried bifold/trifold wallets with all their coins zipped up in them, but they looked about as comfortable as sitting on a golf ball.

Follow up on the "butch coin purse," though -- -- leather zip coin purses made by a Navy veteran on vintage machinery used to make leather apparel for the military in WW1 and WW2. Assuming you've got a top coat or satchel to stash it in, I'd vote this as the sanest option.
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coins are ideal for tipping. I carry my bills and my cards in a money clip wallet and the coins separately in my pocket.

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  • Use cards everywhere (if you travel to a specific country very regularly indeed, it may even be worth getting a bank account locally, to avoid any forex fees)
  • If you must use cash, try to give an amount that minimises the number of coins you get in return
  • Use a small leather coin purse like the ones above if loose change in pockets bugs you (I don't like carrying it either). Not fashionable, of course, but as it's in your pocket 99% of the time, so what... Alternatively, leave change in the car to cover parking costs.
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