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Serous weight loss problem!!!!

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Hey men. Alright, I got a problem. I have lost 17lbs in the past 2.5 weeks. I have been lifting in the morning before class, at 6am then class from 8am through about 4pm. then I go home and eat dinner then I have to study till around 12 or 1. I think I look the same, I also think I am eating the same....... but my mom, sis, dad, bro, and girlfriend always say "you don't eat enough" or "eat more" but, I think and feel the same. Finally, my clothing no longer fits, my boardshorts, close, jeans, trousers, belts everything...... So is there any way to help me gain weight, and return to a normal body weight? Please help me out here. Thanks Guys. Parsonsdb
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If your habits haven't changed but you've still lost 17lbs in 2.5 weeks I would recommend that you see your doctor. If you don't have a medical condition that is causing the weight loss(tapeworm perhaps?) the way to weight gain is simple enough. Take in more calories than you expend. How much did you weigh in the first place? Going from 217 to 200 is very different from 155 to 138. Were you already quite lean and are now losing muscle or did you have some extra pounds to lose?
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Dre, dude thanks for replying. Yah, i went from 195 to 178lbs. I am 6'2'' with a athletic build. I wear a 47L blazer, shirt size is 16.5 35 i think.....close around there. I lift about 4 times a week....give or take a little you know. I have never been overweight. This feels like an add for a date in the paper...WOW That is it i think. Thanks again for the insight. Parsonsdb
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You probably just need to eat more. I know it can be very difficult to fit six meals a day into a busy schedule, but try to eat at least four times. Be sure to get enough protein as well. Recommendations vary as to how much "enough" is, but, in my opinion, 1g of protein per pound of body weight is most sensible. Protein bars and drinks make time less of an issue but they can get expensive for students on a budget.
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GNC and other health food stores sell "weight gainers," which I believe are basically high caloric protein powders.  If you are really intent on gaining weight, you might want to give these a try.  The calories in one serving are absolutely ridiculous, however (something like eating five Big Macs), so you will want to proceed with caution to make sure the weight you are adding is muscle and not fat.
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Weight gain powders are a convenient way to take in a lot of calories, but, I would second Ambulance Chaser's advice to proceed with caution. Many weight gainers consist primarily of simple carbs and the recommended dosage is more than is healthy for one sitting.
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Dre, AC Thank you both for the advice. I'm gonna go to GNC tomorrow to look for the weight gainer that y'all suggested. Then it will be off to the land of physiological normalcy again. Thanks Thanks Thanks.......... Parsonsdb
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