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Please help!

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I've been trying to track down some Kiehl's products that everyone raves about. But since I live in Kansas, I'm deprived of sooooooo much. Where can I find this? Keep in mind, I don't have access to Nieman Marcus or any of that shit. There is a Nordstrom not far though, do they carry it? What about the net?
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They have a website you can order products off of:
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Some Nordstrom's carry Kiehl's, some don't. The one by me, for example, never used to, but just started stocking it a few months ago. You should call yours to check.
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I'm not sure if you can find it here, but try: +++ This Page +++
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I was kind of in your situation as well. If you have a somewhat upscale salon or hair dresser near you, try there. I found a bottle of Kiehl's shampoo at a place in my town. Also, surf the web. The prime choice would be   Also, I've been told that you can find it at   Good luck. It really is great stuff. Hope you can find it.
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Order from you'll get free samples with your order
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heh what really pisses me off is they don't deliver to canada but they deliver to alaska. I mean it can't be *that* much harder to send skin creme across the border heh =/
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