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Originally Posted by casadisartoria View Post
Originally Posted by MrVenneri View Post

Couldn't agree with you more good sir. I struggle with the concept of why some met cut corners in the wrong places. Like refusing to invest in good socks or cleaning/care products for their four figure shoes. I don't know what the cost is around the world...but my saphir creams are ~$12.50, Reno ~$20, and waxes ~$8. A little goes a long way as I've had mine for well over 2 years and I've barely made a dent.

The pricing of the Saphir products is not outrageous, especially for those who can afford the four figure pricing on shoes. As long as your shoes are getting nourishment and protection from the products you are using, that's the bottom line.

As far as socks are concerned, a better quality of materials and the design is what makes up the higher cost. The cheaper stuff tends to be cheap for a reason.




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Regarding polish and for what it's worth, I'm 99.9% sure that TheShoeSnob shoe care products are rebranded Saphir MDO. I recently got the Mink Oil Renovator, cream polish, and wax polish. are made by the same company that makes Saphir (Avel). On top of that, the sticker that tells the color is the same as Saphir. Good way to save a few bucks!

I second @TtownMD  @coldinboston @MrVenneri and @casadisartoria's opinion:  I have been using the full range of Saphir products both for the upper and the inner lining of my shoes for quite a while and they work really well.  I find that it is really not necessary to apply of lot of saphir product to get great results, and, so in the end, it does not seem to be that much costlier to use saphir than another brand.


Interesting tip.  Thanks  @rbhan12 

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  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Galways on the 888 last? Looks terrific fing02%5B1%5D.gif

Nailed it! Thanks man. Steve at GFW is a pleasure to work with and was able to put those shoes on my feet

Well, I have to say that it is seeing @justinkapur's Galways on the 888 (they really did it to me) that got me to purchase my very first Galway boots (Dark Oak Country calf on the 82).  I was more into Chelsea boots before. And, I could not be happier about my Galways!


I'll take this opportunity to mention that I got these boots from @dijor and he is great seller:  very nice person, patient in answering questions, diligent in shipping the shoes.  My experience with him was excellent and I recommend his services.

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Thanks for all the replies on the best products to care for EG country calf. I have Saphir Renovateur and have used it a few times on my Galways, but I want to pick up some Bick 4 and give it a try. The GlenKaren product is also on my to-try list.

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@cypi2 thanks for your warm words. Cannot believe I still have one Galway in size UK 11.5!
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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post


Wonderful. Not spoiling.
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Pure class @Cleav!
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Originally Posted by OzzyJones View Post

Pure class @Cleav!

Thanks buddy, really appreciate it biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by coldinboston View Post

My experience also that the 202 is roomier.
Like you said, I think its bc the 64 looks the most chunky. But its not the roomiest last at least not for me

64 is stubby
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18 content, don't click - pure sex (Click to show)


Originally Posted by Cleav View Post




Very elegant @Cleav 

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Very elegant @Cleav

Lol, thanks mate 👍
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Just when I thought the winter has finally come to an end, we get some decent snow over the weekend. Oh well... it gave me a reason to unbox one of my winter boots :)


Kentmere in brown utah 72 last (in my honest opinion, this last is wayyyy better than the 64 last). Up until now, the 64 last was the only one a little bit uncomfortable right off the bat + required some time to break in.



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Terrific boots @parkman24 agree that last 72 is one of the best new lasts introduced by EG, very comfy :nodding:

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Thanks @NewStart ! I definitely agree! The only other last I am really looking forward to try is the 890 last. Got an Oriel coming within the next month or so :)

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