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Navy blazer + which pants?

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I'm a little torn on which pants to wear with a navy blazer in semi -formal situations where a suit would be overkill.

For more casual situations, I simply where dark denim.

What about the in between areas?

A few thoughts:

Navy - obviously out
Grey - I am leaning towards this, but many feel it gives off a security guard like feel
Khaki - feels way too preppy for me
Brown - maybe?

Any suggestions for colors or textures that work best here?
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Semi-formal = Tux. But I get what you mean.
The navy blazer is the most versatile jacket for casual wear. Wear it with anything you feel comfortable with and dress up/down with the shoes, shirt and accessories.
Gray & brown chinos sounds great, and if khaki doesn't float your boat, how is a darker green?
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I think it really depends on the texture, pattern, and fabric of the pants and blazer. Simply, try them on and if it looks to busy or not quite right then it probably is not. I agree though, shades of gray work well and khaki is way to preppy for me personally and does not look well.

I like darker shades and medium shades of gray with brown shoes and light shirts.
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Gray is the classic. Khaki is the security guard look.
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Pretty much anything works with a navy blazer, except navy or other really dark colors.

In more or less decreasing order of formality/dressiness, all of these work:

Black and white small check (houndstooth, shepherd's)
Black and white glen check
Dark-medium gray (not charcoal)
True medium gray
Light gray/dove gray
Pearl gray
Pink (Nantucket Reds)
Wild colors (fuchsias, lemon yellows, bright violets, etc.)
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