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What to do about tight-fitting peacoat ?

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I have gained weight so my B.Reid wool peacoat fits real tight somewhat like this guy (yeah he has lost the button).

There's no spare fabric for expansion.


Is there any remedy for this situation ?


One thing I'm thinking : replacing at least the sewed-on right-side middle button with a 2-connected-button-thing like this : 

(What do you call this thing ?)




This likely requires putting in a little hole in the jacket.


How about this ?



(Note: I don't mind givng up using of the chest pockets)









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This is a woman peacoat. ^^^
Anyway, just buy another jacket or lose weight.
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Maybe a skilled tailor can have the buttons on the bottom side to the left a bit, which will hide where the old buttons were sewn and wont require you to cut new holes into the jacket
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It might be possible to move the buttons. Take it into a tailor and see what they say.

I would be careful about making changes due to weight gain however. If you buckle down and lose the weight, then the jacket won't fit again. For me, I would just use it as a reason to buckle down and get the weight back off.
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Use the situation as the reason to buy a roomier sized peacoat

The pictured man's trousers seem too short and too tight...and an ill fitting peacoat

He looks more like the train wreck which is advertised as slim fitting

One needs a roomy peacoat, for a thick sweater, or to hide other necessities, such as a concealed handgun and least in those jurisdictions where true liberty still reigns
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