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Black stylish boots, Budget up to 800$

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Hey guys, doesn't seem to be any threads for my question so hopefully this thread can help.

I've been on the search for a nice pair of black boots, something somewhat casual but nice. I was interested in the W+H Daytons but probably need something different but similar. I am very intrigued by the black suede on them. I'm mostly trying to find a pair of boots that match a lot of my black outfits (IE Samurai Black Shadow denim, black W+H jacket)

They have to be found online because Ohio (where I'm located) has nothing. I've been searching for a long time and can't find anything. My boot collection is about 12-13 pairs deep and they are all around the brown,burgundy, olive shades. Please help me!

Budget is up to 800$ if they are well worth it. Please no Red Wing or Alden.

Thank you for at least reading this.
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try here?
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Seems like you've been around these parts a while-- so my question is, why has it been so difficult for you to find boots for $800? uhoh.gif
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Easter I've looked through there a lot but never found anything, I've asked for some help once or twice without any responses.

My budget is up to 800$ would prefer more of a 4-500$ range but great things don't always come cheap. Just been looking for awhile and haven't found anything that looks like it fits my style (like no zippers). I really do appreciate any responses.
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With that budget i would get a pair of guidi 995's
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These are also nice, Margiela:
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^ I've been looking for those Margielas, but it seems they're sold out everywhere. Do you know where they're in stock (online)?
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I don't, sorry. Yoox is the best bet I guess.
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F+B 745/Eternity-- .F+B Elf--,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS04. F+B Buckle Boot--,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS04. Can usually get them in waxed suede/nubuck...depends on the season. The Baller footwear thread is your best bet, IMO.
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For less than $800 this is just about any boots besides those made my Carpe Diem, Augusta and fancier MC varieties.
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