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Prevent moth damage to your home

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Are moths eating clothes in your wardrobe and leaving holes in your favourite clothes? If so, you probably have an infestation of common clothes moths (also known as the webbing clothes moths). Or are your carpets becoming patchy and threadbare, particularly behind heavy furniture or in darker areas of a room? If so, you may have a problem with carpet moths, also known as case bearing carpet moths or carpet beetles. 

So, how do you stop clothes moths?

1. REMOVE - Take everything out of your wardrobes and drawers and thoroughly vacuum.

2. CLEAN - Clean all storage AND clothes, as moths love traces of food and sweat on fabrics.

3. KILL - Choose a method of eradicating your moth population from your home. There are many sprays, powders and more that will kill all stages of the moth from eggs and larvae to adults.

4. DETER - As prevention is the best cure, protect your fabrics with chemical moth repellents or cedar wood or natural anti moth scented sachets, depending on your preference, to stop moths returning. For expensive garments, it's also a good idea to find air tight storage.

5. MONITOR - Place pheromone moth traps close to affected areas to monitor for adult moths which will also break the breeding cycle and reduce their numbers.

6. REFRESH - Keep replacing deterrents every 3 to 6 months, as they will wear out and lose their scent in time. Keeping on top of this problem will keep your clothes safe. Remember, 
moth prevention is better than cure.

Taking these measures for your clothes are important as the most expensive items, such as cashmere, are the most vulnerable to moths. Early signs indicate that there is a significant market for moth prevention products, with research showing that an estimated 1.5 million households in the UK have suffered from moth damage. A recent feature in early  2012 about Moth Prevention on the BBC's THE ONE SHOW and several related discussions on BBC RADIO 2 over the past year highlight just how widespread the problem has become.

If you need further information, pop along to, the UK’s widest range of moth control products for dealing with an infestation of 
clothes moths, carpet moths or food moths, and to deter returning visitors.

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