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Men's fashion

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I'm trying to find something cute for my boyfriend's birthday. any suggestions? I wanna use because I have a gift card ! :) 

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Just find out what he likes the most or what suits him the most.

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Originally Posted by urdumania2012 View Post

I think beautiful watch is best to gave the gift.


If you have the money for it, a nice watch is an incredible gift.
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For a gift for my SO, I try and think like this:

1) Figure out roughly what I'd like to spend

2) Find something in that price bracket that they normally wouldn't spend that much money, but would like.

For $100, what does he like that he wouldn't spend a $100 on? Scotch or other whiskey, a luxe basic t-shirt, nice boxing gloves. These are just some things that I might like in that price range that I normally don't spend that much on.

Hope that's helpful, I usually have write a quick note on my phone when I have an idea for the gf throughout the year that way I'm prepped for christmas/birthdays.
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