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Tie clips are fine, just not at the first button of your shirt. That is a "show-clip".
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I work in government and have three ID badges/key cards, plus one for transit, and one more for my parents apartment building. I've gone through several types of the retractable version. The more industrial strength versions were bulky and wore down over time. The cheaper ones couldn't hold all the weight of the badges. The badges eventually became so heavy that they would eventually be bouncing around my knees while walking. 


I wear a lanyard now but it has it's issues too. Anytime I dress down in either a sweatshirt or a polo, I look like a high school gym coach. It also gets caught on everything and I find myself digging it out of layers in the fall. 


I like to carry my wallet separate and do not like want to carry two of them. Plus, this is something that I take out and use about 20 times a day to get in and out of doors that I would like something more "attached".


I use these things multiple times a day. I'm also willing to make an investment. So I was thinking what about a wallet chain or something like this I understand this may lose some professionalism but if I'm going to have these badges I want to own the look. Any thoughts? Have you seen any other options for the ID badge issue?

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This is how I carry my cards, the thinnest, non-style obtrusive method. Left front pant pocket.

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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post

I'd love to hear your rant on the TSA sometime.

But I work in a fairly secure environment, and they're fine with the belt clip under the jacket. My standard online forum line is that I'm working at a low level in a high level of government. I do have to show the badge to the police at a couple of places, but other than that...

This. The retractable clip does scuff my belts a bit, but if you find one with a smooth metal clip (not 'serrated' for grip), the wear isn't really that bad. Keeping your badge instantly available via some sort of clip or lanyard is a practical necessity—if for no other reson than to get through doors in most offices—and the belt clip is the best solution I've yet found. Fishing it out of a card holder—or even your pocket (which one did I put it in this time?)—is too fussy.
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I work as a consultant at a lot of hospitals so I have a bunch of contractor badges. I keep them all in my bag because sometimes I go to a client on short notice. One of them gave me a retractable clip that I use for all of them. I just pull out the badge for wherever I'm at that day, switch out the badge on the clip, then clip it to my INSIDE jacket pocket. Since I rarely button my jacket, it's convenient as I just reach in my jacket and pull out the badge to show it to someone or use it on an access door, but it stays out of the way too.

I should just leave all my badges attached to the inside of one of my jackets, so I can be kind of like this guy:

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I actually found a great alternative yesterday: a "pocket key chain." It's just an 18" chrome chain with a split ring on one end and a clasp on the other. You clasp it to a belt loop or button shank, and put your ID on the split ring and store in your pocket. Not quite as convenient as a retractor, but it actually has a bit of style and prevents you from losing the ID.
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Might be an issue if you need to routinely go through metal detectors. Would come in handy if you are in a biker gang, however.
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Touché! You are right about both; however, I no longer go through metal detectors on a daily basis, and—much more importantly in this context—I find that this chain does not look anything at all like a biker's (it's very discreet) and is, in fact, much more stylish than a plastic, branded retractor even if it did!
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Just keep the damn ID in your pocket.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Just keep the damn ID in your pocket.

Carry a case/bag/etc and just keep all the sit in there.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Just keep the damn ID in your pocket.

I've tried this and I always lose the badge. I need something to keep it safe.
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Sounds like you have bigger problems.
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You could always bhole it.
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