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What do you guys think about Onitsuka Tiger running shoes?

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These in particular


They appear to have much less padding than your normal running shoes, but they aren't ridiculously thin. Anyone have them?
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Features a lightweight and durable sneaker that's great for any casual setting.
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I believe that the Tiger branded shoes are fashion oriented versus the standard Asics shoes which are for sports. Back in the day (70s), Onitsuka Tiger was a pretty big name in sports shoes but with the creation of Asics the brand faded and is only recently been revived to serve as a fashion line.
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love em and own 4 pairs

but especially mexico 66 series cool , rest not for me


get this one
any color of  this particular modal





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I have 2 pairs of the Mexico 66. They were originally designed as running shoes, but because of the turn that running shoes have taken, aren't really considered running shoes any more.


I don't run in them because for what I do more technologically advanced shoes feel and perform better on a day-to-day basis (and last longer). I also have a pair of Rotation 77s, and once sprinted 3 miles across the city in them to a movie theater. It was a great run, but I wouldn't do it every day.  In the end, none of us can say what will work for you. I keep mine for casual wear, but if you're careful, it can't hurt to try them.


Also, if you're looking for deals, try 6pm.com it's Zappos' outlet and has pretty great prices sometimes.

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they're simple and classy perfect for men and women

i got 3 pairs!

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I have some of these:


I wore them one day to the gym to lift in after I stepped in dog shit with my regular gym shoes and decided I actually liked them better since the sole was fairly thin, there was very little drop but the foam cushioning was also pretty hard. Wouldn't wear them for running, though.
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They are actually very popular for parkour. There ya go. Don't know how fashion got into this but, they do look pretty nice.

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