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Do peeps here rock vests?
What are your thoughts on them?

I am in the market for a more workwear style vest and came across the following.
Thoughts on what I should choose?

Feel free to post others that you own or dig.



Steven Alan

Steven Alan

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I like vests personally, although they seem to be out of favor at the moment. I like both those RRL vests. They're the most interesting of the bunch. The patch pockets on the Steven Alans are nice, but otherwise the vests themselves seem like rather dull fishing vests. I don't really care for the tan Polo one at all (not a big fan of tan vests in general).
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I like vests, but it's easy to look like a doofus in them.
I do not personally want to look like I've been transported into the current day from 18-dickety-three.
For that reason I generally stay clear of what could be called waistcoasts...
Moving towards darker colors (browns, navy) that either work as a middle layer or are bulky enough to be an outer layer, matched with henleys, boots and denim.

Steven Alan hiking vest

Spellbound reversible (tan/olive) nautical style vest

Spellbound hooded tweed vest
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I really like the rrl vests I have recently gotten a couple and unfortunately wil. Probably be selling since they are too small. Both are xl and with vests I have found that I look much better when they are a bit oversized (since I am a long jacket) it is hard to find a vest that comes long so I have to go up a size.
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Just check out the style of Frank Muytjens, he wears vests often. Do a search and you will find some inspiration.
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