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Influenced by blogs?

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---Edit--- This thread was temporarily deleted as I, rather eagerly, stupidly, and naively, referred to it in other threads concerning blogs, which I was following. I have cleared it with the admins so that I hopefully can get some help for my study. I apologize to anyone offended.


Do you follow any style/fashion blogs?

I would love to hear how you relate to these and whether you believe that they can affect your purchase decisions, desires, and considerations.


I am currently conducting a study for my master’s dissertation and would appreciate your input on this subject. There’s no corporate interest behind this and your input will solely be used for the study.

Basically, I’m hoping to get a open discussion going here and will gladly hear what you think about the blogs that you follow and whether you have ever felt influenced or swayed by a blog (both positively and negatively) in your purchase decisions. 


Make your opinion heard and feel free to comment on each other’s inputs.

Let me know if you have any questions for me.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

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I follow lots:


There are some that influence me personally - I have a huge interest in shoes, so the "Leffot Shoe Blog", managed by an MTO shoe store in NYC has had a huge impact on the way I buy. They have customers order custom shoes and then post pictures of them on the blog so it's particularly interesting to see what other shoe enthusiasts (with way more money than me) decide to order. There is very rarely an ugly pair so it's influenced me hugely in choosing my own footwear and what I would (will) custom order in the future.


Blogs like "Nice Try, Bro" influence me negatively, but that's the point. It's anonymous curator makes fun of all the terrible blog pictures posted on Tumblr etc and he seems to know his stuff from the few pics of him I've seen and so I take his word for it and tend to steer clear of the looks he ridicules.


Just my 2 cents - Hope your dissertation works out.

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There are a ton of tumblers and blogs I have visited but do not follow many regularly. I am a fan of browsing tumblers on menswear and often save images I find appealing to refer to them
later on. I am mostly interested in the color, texture, fit, and uniqueness of the pictures saved and not on the brand. Essentially, I try and find pics or articles that reflect my personality and if I should be adding any articles of clothing to better portray myself. Granted, I am not too fashion forward and typically dress more mature and more conservative.
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Thank you both for your contributions!

In connection with lostron said about not focusing on the brands, could this in any way be related to matters of trusting the bloggers? There's clearly some blogs that are sponsored or receive products for reviewing and even though they might be open about it, does it damage the credibility? Or is the influence of a style/look/combination more important than the actual brand?

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I try not be influenced by what the blogs say and get caught up with trends. I try to follow be true to what I want in a style but sometimes it is nice to read about, say trends for spring/summer 2012 but wouldn't exactly follow them.

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There are one or two I occasionally follow, the main one being The Dandy Portraits, just because I like to see people who make style their entire life. This is perhaps because I am not and cannot be one of those kinds of people and in some ways I find the whole thing obsessive and egotistical, but that kind of attention to detail still seems almost heroically out of place in an age of slobbishness and therefore admirable.


But really, I am not consciously influenced by any style blogs and tumblrs and the only others I really ever see are those referenced in threads on this forum, which I will occasionally look at if a particular image posted here catches my eye.

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Blogs can be quite informative so I read a few and check out the accompanying pics, see if I fancy anything but not to the point of becoming a slave to it.

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id post a longer reply but all these gentwear bracelets on my wrists are making typing difficult
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There was a French study which stated that men are more interested in the product rather than the look and that men are more attached to brands than women. Yet, from the blog perspective, many men say that they use the blogs for inspiration, but don't really care too much about which brands or specific products are featured. What do you guys think?

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no there are definitely male brand whores out there. It varies from person to person but I generally like the fit of a few brands and very loyal to them. It really does not matter what products a blog is pushing, I am personally more interested in the look.

As for the study, I think French people are more likely to associate themselves with a certain brand or look while generally I think people in the US are less knowledgeable about style and fashion.
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Originally Posted by lostron View Post

no there are definitely male brand whores out there.
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I drop in at Style Forum regularly (at least once a day)... and occasionally at one particular style blog. As an older man (60-something) my style is fairly set and I'm rather confident about it ... so I doubt I've been significantly influenced in any way that changed my overall look. I typically see myself as offering help rather than receiving it. Even so, I'm sure that I do pick up style information from time to time ... I just don't see it as having any major impact.
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Wait, SF isn't considered a blog right? confused.gif
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post


It's an easy joke to make, deftly sidestepping the matter as it relates to SF members who are more like you. Using the word "brand whore" and posting a picture of Hermes Dude is one thing. But seriously, a lot of SF members found and are loyal to Alden, Carmina, etc. not just because of their personal opinion of and experience with the products, but because of the reputation on StyleForum. Sometimes exclusively so. Of course I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that!

It's different from mindlessly following a brand name, because we (believe that we) are making informed decisions about quality, based on research and "online education." But the effect of tying oneself to a brand might appear to be the same. Right?

I saw a guy trying on some beautiful brown brogues at Tassels in Hong Kong by a maker I wasn't familiar with, but I was so focused on buying some Aldens that I never even considered trying them myself. If I knew the name from blogs and forums, I'm sure it would be another story.
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Originally Posted by Makoto Chan View Post

It's an easy joke to make, deftly sidestepping the matter as it relates to SF members who are more like you.

Im not sidestepping shit. Im a giant brand whore. Almost as big as HermesMan. I posted the pic as a form of idol worship.
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