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Winter colognes

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What winter colognes have people used and liked or had good comments regarding it.
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Forgive my ignorance, gentlemen, but there are summer and winter colognes? If so, what is the difference? I have a really weird system I will share...I wear "spicey" scents with earth tones, and "citrus" scents with blues, grays, and pastels. Perhaps this is a better system, although mine has always worked for me.
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Steve: What everyone means by "summer" colognes is colognes with a more citrus scent. Examples would be: Aqua de Parma, D&G Masculine, ect... As for "winter" colognes i would guess this means more woodsy or soapy scents. As for a "winter" scents, i was out shopping for colognes a few weeks ago and after sampling Creed, not seeing what the hype is about (It's not THAT great); the saleslady at Barney's suggested Gendarme. For those not familiar, it smells like soap, which is quite refeshing and different than most other colognes. I definatly plan on buying this in the future. For the past winter i wore Gucci Envy almost exclusively, which has a very woodsy scent.
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I like Declaration very much. But when in doubt, summer or winter, I always can rely on "Eau Savage". A tasteful, light scent.
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Mike C: Is Gendarme like Jaipur Homme? Has anyone tried Neroli by Czech and Speake? I remember now why I never registered the summer and winter thing. I live in CA, and we don't really have winter. Wearing citrus in the snow would smell kinda funny LOL
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Is anybody familiar with this cologne, Angel by Thierry Mugel? If so, what is your opinion about this one?
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My rule of thumb with colognes is to keep it simple. Stay away from the trendy ones such as Tommy Hilfiger or Polo Sport- you don't want to be smelling like 1/2 of the kids in high school. "Angel" sports a great scent- it is the combination of vanilla and wood. The only drawback is that it's a bit pricey. What has worked the best for me is spray a light touch of aftershave and then apply Yves Saint Laurent cologne over it.
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