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High end furniture makers ?

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I've browsed through all of Ethan Allen, RL Home, and Stickley and have not found what I'm looking for ...

What are some other makers of high end furniture ? I'm looking for higher quality than, say, restoration hardware...

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I don't know much about furniture quality, but I feel like restoration hard wear is a few notches above Pottery Barn and on par with Ethan Allen. Do you have Arhaus in your area? Or if you can lean towards a more modern aesthetic then look into what DWR and Room and Board have.
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Maybe also look for custom furniture builders if you're in a well populated area?
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Baker & Henredon might work for you..

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What're you not finding at the mentioned - quality, style, price?
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for living room, etc., although it can serve anywhere depending on style

Herman Miller





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Thos. Moser, Hickory Chair, Henredon, Baker, Karges, Harden, Stickley and Hancock & Moore.
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Henkel Harris inlove.gif
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Go Antique, definitely.
Anything that is made after 1950s/60s is made for ever growing number of poorly-educated American consumers whose ideas of quality and aesthetics have been developed in the atmosphere of cheap disposable shit. Even custom furniture makers are incapable (in large part) to produce furniture that compares favorably to what have been made 70 to 200 years ago.
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Hancock and Moore
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B&B Italia, INFORM, though if you're looking to retain value, the classics mentioned above are likely a better investment.
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If you're looking to purchase new items then look here:

You're better off purchasing antique items from Art & Crafts, Art Deco or even Empire style if you have the $$$$
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if you are looking for high end bespoke furniture try
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The estate workshop of designer and craftsman George Nakashima in Pennsylvania:
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