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Slowly but surely, GQL. It's a giant Motion for Summary Judgment, and one of the big issues is warranty disclaimer. Would you or Ambulance mind if I cite to you guys? BlueBook form would be: GQLawyer at Style Forum, 12p.m. Of course, I'd be a lot further along if I didn't click over to this forum/ every 45 minutes.
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You are more than welcome to cite to me. However, GQ Lawyer on Contracts has been overruled several times.
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You cite me at your own peril.  Like I said, Contracts was my worst grade in law school.  If, however, you ever need an authoritative source on sports trivia, desserts, or shows produced by Aaron Spelling, I am the guy. I wonder what all the non-lawyers think of the deterioration of this thread . . .
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Please stop... Maybe we should have a new lawyer forum...
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Nah, just a barrage of LAWYER JOKES first thing Monday morning...
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