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Shaving style

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I've found that the soap and brush system works the best, because of the rich lather that dosn't clog the blades. I also used Lab Series, but i don't feel like it has enough lather for a good shave. Its also cold when i put it on after the shower, as opposed to the soap where i use hot water to get the lather. Plus im just wondering if those other brands are the same as Lab Series (the ones in the tube, such as Kielhs and Jet Black).
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I think the biggest mistakes people make in shaving are: - They don't heat their face before they shave. THe face should be heated with a steaming hot towel for at least a half-minute. Otherwise, it's a bloodbath. - They use the same razor too long. Mach 3 razors last through four shaves at best- replace razors often
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Shaving gels really do have a very good cleansing agent in them. I used to use shaving cream when I was younger and my face would constantly stay broken out. But now if it breaks out I just let the gel sit a while longer and the breakouts gone by the middle of the day.
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Is it a good idea to shave against the grain? People tend to tell me that it's not a good idea to shave upward.
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From what I have read somewhere, it is safe to say that you can shave against the grain. Just like the others have commented earlier, be sure to douse your face with warm water and apply the cream/ or gel and shave in the direction of the grain. Rinse with warm water thoroughly. Apply second round of cream/or gel and shave against the grain to maximize the smoothness of your face. In this kind of procedure, arrays of rashes, nickels, and annoying pimples may develop in time. It is recommended to conduct this kind of shaving from time to time.
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Big vote for Art of Shaving products here.. But also use Kiehl's and Aramis, and they're good too.
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My shaving style goes as follows: 1) Hot shower with washing my face (Biotherm) 2) Exfoliating face (Lab Series) 3) Putting on a moisturizer to wet face (Clinique) 4) Lathering face with shaving gel (Lab Series) 5) Leaving the gel on face for 2 minutes 6) Shaving with the grain with mach 3 7) Rinsing off face with cold water to close pores 8) Drying off face and applying non-alcoholic Kiehl's toner Gotta thank Pat Bateman for tips #3 and #8..
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I don't think shaving against the grain is a good idea. Take my own personal experience- ever since I was thirteen years old, I struggled with acne... or so I thought they were. I taught myself how to shave and always shaved against the grain to maximize the smoothness of my face. Over time, I'd have consistent, little red bumps forming on my lower cheeks, etc. I always perceived them as acne and must have taken at least 20 different forms of medication for them. I even saw a dermo. for my problems and he only made it worse by trying to treat acne when the entire time (at least for the most part) they were shaving rashes. It has only been quite recent that as a 20-year old male (no, that is not an actual picture of me), the rashes have finally slowly begun to disappear. That's because just this past January, I stopped shaving against the grain and noticed a significant improvement within the first week. Yes, it's nice to have that baby-face look but if it requires shaving against the grain, I'd advise you to not do so. I did some research and it does "scrape" the skin because as you shave against the hair, tiny fragments of the skin are being lifted and eventually whisked off by the razor. Other advice I can suggest is to constantly change razors... don't ever think about using the same one longer than a week.
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Here are some tips I picked up from the neighborhood barber on shaving against the grain: 1. Pivot the head of the Mach 3 razor to a 90 degree angle and shave the cheeks and sideburn areas in short upward strokes.  This minimizes scraping the skin. 2. Shave the mustache and chin areas across the grain (from side to side). I tried this technique this morning (after cleaning and shaving first with the grain, of course).  It worked pretty well -- no razor burn.  For all I know, I could break out tomorrow, so this advice comes with no warranties, express or implied.
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What about a warranty for fitness of a particular purpose? After all, you did know that we wanted your input on shaving techniques? And, are you sure that your denial of a warranty was in a conspicuous manner?
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Yeah, Ambulance, I would have put that in prominent, bold-face, capitalized, underlined letters if I were you.  Clear, conspicuous and unambiguous. (I'm actually doing a brief on this now, as we speak.  What a thrilling profession this is)
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Contracts was by far my worst grade in law school, but if I recall correctly, I don't think I can be held liable for what amounts to a gratuity.  For example, if I give you a ticket to "The Producers" and tell you it is the best show ever, and you think it stinks, can you sue me? In any event, I think my statement that this shaving techniques worked for me, but avoiding any explicit guarantees that it will work for anyone else, is sufficient to ward off any litigious readers of this thread.
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If you received no consideration for that advice, you'll probably be OK (is taking time away from work to read your post consideration? probably not, but maybe as a forbearance from doing something else; then again, if it was strictly gratuitous you'd be fine regardless).  I think your disclaimer probably is good enough as is, especially given the context of the forum in which it's given. Has everyone else reading this thread fallen asleep yet? Anyone still considering law school?
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Don't confuse gratuitous with "mere puffing." If I cut myself tomorrow, we will see how your disclaimer stands up against my complaint. Gator: how's your brief coming?
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Slowly but surely, GQL. It's a giant Motion for Summary Judgment, and one of the big issues is warranty disclaimer. Would you or Ambulance mind if I cite to you guys? BlueBook form would be: GQLawyer at Style Forum, 12p.m. Of course, I'd be a lot further along if I didn't click over to this forum/ every 45 minutes.
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