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I'll post my white Edelman all gain Eames lounge and ottoman later on.
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Any woodworkers out there? These planes are a thing of beauty.

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Lamp—simple, like how I like my clothes... and sentences. smile.gif



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Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I feel firearms can communicate a great sense of taste, design and style. This weapon is not mine, and is an example from the Orvis archives. However, I own a Beretta Over-Under very similar to this one that I keep in Ohio where my family has some hunting land. I also own a couple of vintage pistols that are quite nice to look at and inspiring, almost art-like, works of design.
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Lamp—simple, like how I like my clothes... and sentences. smile.gif

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One of my favorite non clothing style possessions is my set of original Gense Focus flatware designed by Folke Arstrom.  It was a wedding gift that my parents received in the early 60s.  The pattern went out of production for a very long time, and individual pieces were trading in the $150+ range by the 80s/90s..  Gense have started making it again.


I think it is the most beautiful modern stainless flatware out there.  Moreover, it almost always elicits a question of first time users:  Do these forks work?  




I have a full set for 8, plus all the extras either for 8 or as single pieces where appropriate (ladle, etc.). This is a stock image from Gense. 


Love it!

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Postwar British Counterweight Lamps by Hadrill & Horstman.

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Nice, PSG. Never seen anything like that. Does the counterweight principle (still) work for the lamps?
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This Toio lamp is one of my favorites. I love its pure form and function. An auto headlight illuminates the ceiling brightening up a room on the darkest day. Perfect for a studio.

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I like the more classical Navajo rug styles, but the one Navajo Germantown eyedazzler that has caught my eye is more modern- that's it above. It is surprising because it combines surrealism with digital, all in Navajo weaving. Cool.

A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire; yeah, that is on my list. Cochineal red. Another book along that lines is Jenny Balfour-Paul's Indigo, which seems to be the best work in the field. (!)

Likewise surprising to me is that the rise of German chemical industry in the late 1800's and early 1900s was largely the story of the replacement of natural dyes with synthetic dyes. On the good side of that is the rainbow of dyed colors we take for granted, like in the rug above.
The silversmithing and the rugs are really accessible, honest American work.


Sort of backwards, I stumbled on Visvim's Hiroki Nakamura because I was obsessing Japanese Boro textiles and Navajo silversmithing and he came up in the google searches.
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Luma Loop



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^I would be afraid...

Anyway, here is our "Grundofen", don't know how to translate the word correctly. It's a kind of oven (fueled by wood) for heating the room and house it's in. The great thing about it is, that there are several channels going through it so the hot air doesn't just go out the chimney. Thus the seat is always comfortably warm. You only burn one load of wood, then seal it until the next day. It's pretty amazing (though the one in our old house was even better) and, of course, very elegant and pleasing to the eye.

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IMG of cool lamp

Is this made of steel?
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Originally Posted by --Jonas-- View Post

Is this made of steel?


* * *

Another lamp:

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