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Kid should've posted this in the mens clothing forum and he would've gotten more support. Seriously, you asked a bunch of "streetwear" people weather or not to wear a bowtie. Not exactly the audience who knows about traditional mens fashion.

But this kid wants to incorporate it into a streetwear aesthetic. Not, I imagine a MC-Goes-to-high-school one.
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Yeah this would have been better handled in MC for sure. Personally I think a bow tie could be incorporated into streetwear. It would have to be done right and you would have to own the look and be comfortable while wearing it or you're done. For those who think otherwise I have a question for you. How do you justify wearing a fedora or if you're really ballsy a bowler while wearing "streetwear"?

To the OP...

Go right ahead and go for it. As has been pointed out a bow tie is a prominent clothing item. Keep the colors toned down a bit and make sure the color compliments the rest of what you're wearing. Keep looking at pics of people wearing a bow tie, do some experimenting and you'll figure out something that works for you and looks good.
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Why not do something like Blaine on Glee?

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I will give you real advice which you should take seriously:

Know that once you do this, there is no turning back.

You cannot be a jeans and hoodie guy, ever again.

You cannot pretend to have different styles because you are 'cool like that'

If you cannot afford to live and dress the foppish, preppy lifestyle, do no do it (realize it will be more expensive than the cargo shorts and t shirt lifestyle)

So, what I am saying is, do it if this is the image you are dedicated to for the rest of you high school life and possibly even university life, because what would be funnier if you start wear cargo shorts in college after being known as the guy who was wearing jacket and ties in high school.
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Someone post that old fit of sq in his tight boo shirt and bowtie
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OP, you seem to be confident in wearing a bow tie. Go for it. Based on how you describe your current wardrobe you should be able to pull something like this off: 573

Some better fitting pants (denim or slacks doesn't matter) and smarter shoes and you will be all set. You can always take the tie off if it needs to come to that. I agree with the ideas that the tie should be the most formal part of the outfit and not the loudest either. At least at first while you get comfortable and nail the look. A madras tie can also be good once it starts to get warm and doesnt have to be overly loud.

Your styles and tastes will change so there is no harm in pushing it for one day. Dont let the haters get to you, here on this thread, forum or real life. Have fun in hs, enjoy yourself, and do well in school.

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why the hell would anyone bring back this thread facepalm.gif
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