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Soap versus body wash

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Whats the pros and cons here? I know soap is bad for your skin because of the drying effect, but I feel like it cleans better than body wash. What are people's thoughts, and what do you all use?
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I use a body wash by Suave for Men. I think I mainly use it, because it's so easy to tote back and forth to the bathroom (keep in mind, I live in a dorm). Every now and again, I like to use plain, old-fashioned soap... since I agree with you and think it does a better job of cleaning.
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thanks navy. Anyone else? We all use one or the other, right? What does everyone think?
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body wash if need to scrub, body scrub soap is drying on skin, especially in the winter months when it's likely super dry already if you like soap type products, use a glycerin bar type soap which will clean well but not strip your skin as dry as normal soap does
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Do a search for "Anthony Logistics". They have good quality soaps, body washes and body scrubs.
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the anthony body washes are overrated, thick and gel-like, pricey for what they are a better bet is baxter of california and/or heavy duty and/or n>dn men (which i think may have gone out of business though)
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Great question, alaaro. I prefer body wash to bar soap. The only problem I have is that I fear the loofah breeds bacteria. I like using a loofah since it sloughs off dead skin easily. I'm just not sure of the proper way to clean it, so lately I've been using the body wash without a loofah.
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you don't need a loofah unless you want to scrub just use one of those mesh plastic puffy things or a washcloth
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Dove soap here - doesn't dry my skin and I feel clean. Bradford
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