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'Slim Fit' from Polo

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I was in RL recently, I no longer work there but I still stop in from time to time. They received a 'slim fit' Polo cut that I'm pretty happy with. It alleviates the wonky shoulder commonly found on the Polo 1 and 2 cuts.

Take a look:


I know this will be impossible for style forum to ignore, but the shirt/tie/pants are paired with the winter jacket I was wearing that day, so disregard them.
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On the inside-the-pocket tag, what is the given name of the jacket? The Bradford is the only slim fit Polo jacket I have any experience with. I was in the Highland Park Dallas store last week and didn't see anything like this jacket. Not that I can afford PRL jackets unless they're on sale anyway.

Also, it looks damn good. Slim, without the huge shoulders of the RLBL.
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The jacket does look good. I have a few different Polo I and II jackets and suits and most do have shoulders like the jacket pictured. What exactly do you mean by wonky shoulders?
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It's called Polo Custom on the inside tag, they had about 3 styles with this cut. Other random thoughts; I wish they would finally ditch the pocket flaps, but the patch pockets are cool.

Polo I & II shoulders are good, but in anything other than worsteds they end up doing something odd. I love the jackets but it's a nit pick of mind on my tweeds and heavy linens from yesteryear.
post #5 of 16 you know if these come as part of a suit configuration are they indeed stand-alone for sport coats?
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They told me at the store that they were converting the suits to the cut. I'm happy about that.
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not sold on the patch pockets but otherwise looks like a solid fit for you.

btw, how come you don't post on the WAYW anymore? (or did you just answer that in the OP about not working at Polo anymore?)
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That fit looks great.
I searched the RL Web site but didn't find a match.

Is this an in-store only item?
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The sleeves are that slim off the rack? I'm glad I only do cardio.
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Untouched by an alterations tailor. Coburn thanks, it may be in-store only at this point, they usually do a round of testers before implementing anything in a big way.

Thanks MC, I may get around to it again. I recycle a lot of looks during a given season.
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Yeah it's skinny

but same timeĀ  isnt it too long or my eyes?!

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A little long for my tastes but otherwise perfect fit. Love the shoulders and sleeves in particular. Looks great on you. Where's it made?
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Thanks, but I'm not sure how you're judging that in this pic, sleeve to skirt? Made by corneliani.
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The new Polo I and II Custom Fits are amazing. The shoulders on the II are a little softer, it's a 3/2 with a great shape. I highly recommend them to anyone who likes RLBL or Polo PL Bradford. Make it's the custom fit, if its the regular Polo I or II then it's not the same.
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That jacket looks great on you, especially given that it's unaltered.

The SF Consensus will probably bash the "anemic" lapel width, but I actually find a slimmer lapel to be more flattering on my frame. It's a somewhat '60s look, and the jacket reminds me of the BB Fitzgerald's cut and styling.

This is an exciting development.
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