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Non-staining deodorants

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Because the humidity here is so high, I stopped wearing undershirts with my dress shirts for work. I am finding now that some of my lighter colored ones are getting to be stained. I remember someone talking about the aluminum in them causes these stains. Are there any particular brands that I can look for, either in liquid or cream? Also, where is the best place to find these products?
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I use Certain Dri and have recommended it to many people who love it. It's a little different since you use it only at night. It actually shuts down the sweat glands so that you will not sweat at all under your arms during the day. You use it every night for maybe a week, until you stop sweating. Then just once or twice a week for maintenance. During the day, I just use a deodorant (not anti-perspirant) for a backup. You can find it at most grocery and drug stores or on No stained shirts here.
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For non-aluminum deodorants, go to any health food store and you'll find a wide selection. The brand that I like is called Kiss My Face, and i've actually started seeing this brand in CVS.
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