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Suit from

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Hello all, first i'd just like to say i've been lurking these forums for a short while now and finally decided to join.


I recently placed an order from and since i couldn't find much information or reviews about them i thought i'd show those that have been interested what their suits are like. Now i'm no expert when it comes to suits, but my opinion is that the suit fabric is decent, for $499 i wasn't really expecting much. I opted for a slim cut charcoal suit and and was measured at their Melbourne office/store, to which they send the measurements and details off to Thailand. The suit arrived in standard plastic packaging and took about 2 weeks roughly.


Here are some pics i took minutes after it arrived, hasn't been pressed or steamed or whatever you're meant to do after getting a suit made. I don't know about you guys but i think it looks weird on me, the back is messed up and it's probably too slim. I'll probably go get it altered a bit as their policy states that if you're not happy with the fit, they'll get it tailored for free.



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That is wayyyyyy wrong in the back.
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yep, i agree with that, it looks really messed up.

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the skirt ruins it

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I think you have a little too much waist suppression in the jacket. There's also shoulder dimples and the back is pretty bad.
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Too tight at the waist
Too wide across the shoulder
Sleeve should be pitched forward slightly
I'd prefer a buttoning point about 1" lower

The length is not too bad, but overall this needs a significant tweaking.
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so what if after their free tailoring it looks even worse, what happens then
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Then we'll see if they will honor their remake the suit with said alterations and hope it turns out better policy. Also the suits in their showroom seem to be of much higher quality, and there was a particular suit that i tried on there that fit me more perfectly than the one made from my body measurements, either way i'll get to the bottom of this.

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Unfortunately you get what you pay for or sometimes you pay more than you should. I had a similar experience with a tailor from Thailand and a tailor from Hong Kong. In the first case the jacket was a disaster. It appeared they grabbed a jacket they previously made and sliced the bottom off. They took the jacket back on the next outing to Oz and send a new one in the mail that appeared to fit properly and be in proportion.

In the second case I was actually in HK for the first fitting. Got it all wrong.

I think the moral of the story is that there are many suit makers but only a few suit makers. It appears the Indian tailors struggle with proper shapping and in particular struggle with shoulders.
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Might also want to think about cutting your hair, it's a bit long!
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Hair is fine.

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Why does it wrinkle at funny places, like at the chest? And why are the lapels so flat? Like it's a fused suit and without any sort of chest piece or something.
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Your hair is fine but the coat should not have been allowed out of the workshop (or maybe factory in this firm's case), it is simply dreadful.

Perhaps the clue comes in the name "Bespoked", that word does not exist and should correctly be bespoken ie the past participle of 'to speak' from which it is derived. Get your money back and go somewhere else.
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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

Perhaps the clue comes in the name "Bespoked", that word does not exist and should correctly be bespoken ie the past participle of 'to speak' from which it is derived. Get your money back and go somewhere else.
Exactly what I was thinking. I can't really begin to trust a company who can't even get the grammer right in the name of the company itself.
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Considering this came straight out of the box and is pure MTM, this really doesn't look so bad for a first go. Clearly no bespoke/custom - despite their creative name - but if they can tweak it a bit, not that bad for the $.
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