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Curious how the suit turned out or if you have pics of the jacket if the suit isn't done yet.
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Shame we never saw the outcome of this. Where did UrbComp disappear to?
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I hope UC is ok.
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The last post I saw from him was in the Jack/Knife thread demonstrating his use of his bespoke denim as actual work pants when he was laboring on the roof of one of the piers being renovated here. That was several months ago.
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Isn't he an actor? Perhaps he's filming somewhere? Or has a new project taking up the majority of his time? I know how up-and-down that lifestyle can be.
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I hope nothing happened...
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likely just busy. or email him at this handle at gmail
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Sorry, got the jacket months ago, and haven't taken pics. I like the rustic-i-ness of it and wear it often, even though it fits terribly. I'll wear it at the next meetup.
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Glad you like it, but that's too bad it doesn't fit well. Hope your work is going well.
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can't Al fix the fit?
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a couple of projects I had Al do for me that I wanted to share (and unlike UC's experience, I was extremely happy with the results icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif)

in the past year, Al has hired a number of young assistants and used more order automation / photographs to make sure he gets your order right and it's made a BIG difference to the end result over prior years. They now take lots of pictures not only of you but of the details you want on the garment so they don't get forgotten or missed and I highly recommend you tell them each detail you want and make sure it gets photographed so there is no misunderstandings. There were small issues with two of these projects, but all were made right by the end. I love using these guys and will continue to use them for many more projects in the future.

For the longest time, I tried to find a brown waxed cotton cafe racer jacket and never could so I had Al make me one out of Dark Tan Martexin waxed cotton I sourced myself and the fit in just incredible as are the attention to details. The vests were made out of tweeds I sourced in Ireland or Scotland and look amazing and fit great.

(my next project will be a brown Donegal wool pea coat and possibly another cafe racer jacket made out of Horween black/brown leather)

btw, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a nice story on Al:

(a) waxed cotton cafe racer jacket w/ vintage Buco and Talon hardware (Dark Tan Martexin waxed cotton fabric)

(b) tweed vests: 1) brown fleck Donegal; 2) brown/olive/rust 5 thread weave Harris Tweed; 3) grey melange Donegal - all with vintage looking linen backs to keep them cool and Al's vintage deadstock 1930's buttons

(c) horsehide leather vintage-looking suspenders

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Al's work is nice.  However, if you have not worked with the creative types before, you may be in for a surprise.  I am around designers all day long, so I am used to certain eccentricities and slight ambiguities when it comes to time tables. 

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you're right about that,,,,,Al's estimates for deadlines are just that - estimates, and most of my projects came in later than promsied. That said, they bent over backwards to get it right, so the quality when the projects were finished was always great, so it's par for the course
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Glad it worked out for you. Unfortunately, despite taking lots of pictures, and actually leaving a jacket as a model, the end result was not as I hoped. Attempts to correct the jacket were unsuccessful.

I would consider Al's for shoes or a casual jacket.
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