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Front Button on Tuxedo?

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My new 1-button tuxedo has a "link" style button on the front, as shown here:

and here:

I need to get some minor alternations done and my tailor said that if I wanted, he could easily make it a "normal" 1-button front, albeit with a higher button stance. I wasn't sure if I should take him up on his offer and told him to hold off with the change until I got back to him.

Does anyone have a tux with this type of you consider it a good/ok look? From the little bit I could find online about the subject, it seems to be a more traditional feature that isn't seen very often these days.

I'm a bit concerned that if I stick with the link front and ever wear my jacket unbuttoned (gasp!) then I'll have a stupid little button dangling around. Am I being ridiculous or will this actually look noticeably sloppy?

Never unbuttoning my tux (as some will suggest) isn't realistic given the types of black-tie events I go to.

Curious if others have thoughts on what I should do or any opinions on the look of a linked button vs. a normal button?

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I think it's a cool feature. Doubt it will look that messy when unbuttoned.
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1) it's perfectly fine (some would actually say better; I'm just agnostic) to unbutton an SB tux; that's why you have a waistcoat (or cummerbund, sash, whatever) underneath it anyway.

2) i have that kind of link button on my SB DJ. It's virtually unnoticeable as such when undone; at least, no-ones ever commented on it and I don't notice it. Don't sweat its presence for that reason. If you just don't like it, by all means switch it out (I don't really see why or how this should alter button stance, but perhaps I'm being dense about that) but don't do it for the suggested reason that it will look sloppy.

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Thanks for the responses. I guess I am acting a littler paranoid. I'll have my tailor leave the link closure and see how it works out...I can always make the change sometime down the road if it really bugs me.
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Jesus Christ that looks amazing. Where'd you get it?
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You are showing your lack of knowledge here. The "link button" you describe is a normal feature of a decent evening dress. It is intended to allow a little room for expansion after the meal.

Only the most ignorant would dismiss it as "sloppy".
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All I can say is.. that is one mighty tux! Awesome!

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Thanks everyone, its one of mine.

Here is a close up shot of the link button:

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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

It is intended to allow a little room for expansion after the meal.

Ok, just to make sure I understand...are you saying that I should default to buttoning the coat using the normal outward facing button and only use the link closure after a meal or when I want a looser fit? Is it wrong to use the link button all the time?
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