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belt problem

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I've started wearing a belt with my jeans everyday and the belt has gotten all warped and ruined. It's become bent in the middle, here's a visual aid: 261

I don't know what's up. Am I wearing it wrong? Am I not wearing the right size? I usually wear my jeans a little below the waist. I'm not sure what size the belt is, but I wear size 36 jeans and notch it on the fourth notch.
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This all depends how tight you are doing up your belt.  If you over tighten it so the jeans 'pull in' it will cause it to creace.  Hope this helps.

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On another note, that's kind of a dressy belt for jeans wear, no?
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It just looks like you need to buy a narrower belt.
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Overtightened but why is the 'bend' as you describe it a problem?
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Bends form naturally in belts- It just has to do with the shape of your hips. The crease is a bit unusual, but it's not ruined. Leather is tough stuff, it's fine physically and not many will notice, much less care.
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