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Question about scarf length

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Two days ago in Rome, I bought an orange scarf (pictured in the "Rome, Mimmo Siviglia and St Regis: Trip Report & Photos" thread). It is longer than usual scarves. It is too long to just "hang it" over my shoulders as both ends almost touch my knees but too short if I folded it into half first.

How are these scarves worn? I am puzzled.
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Maybe it is for a taller person. I find most scarves to be a little to short for me. Also, it may be a woman's scarf as I think they tend to be longer.
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Actuallly, how long should a scarf be to be "perfect"?
What are the "correct" ways of wearing a scarf?
I have some cheap scarves but I am thinking about getting myself one or a few quality ones (although, in view of global heating, I doubt that I will have much use of them around here in the future...) and I would like to get it right.
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I take it from your post that you're not wrapping the scarf around your neck, but just draping it over your shoulders? Scarves actually do have a functional purpose, and the length of this one may reflect the notion that someone might use it to keep his throat warm.
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I wish they made mens scarves long like women's. I want to tie it and still have enough material to flow down. That doesn't work with men's scarves.
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IS there any difference between men's and women's scarves, other than length?
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For how to wear a scarf do yourself a favor and look at the images of ordinary people of New York City photographed and captured by Scott Schuman at You can see from the pictures there how a simple but well chosen accessory like a gentleman's scarf can make an entire look.
There are dozens and dozens of pictures of men and women with scarves. For Christmas I was presented with an eyecatching Etro scarf and after perusing Scott's images, I was hooked. In the past few weeks I've added scarves from Luciano Barbera, Loro Piana, Colombo and another Etro picked up at seasonend sales going on everywhere now.
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I think the really long scarves look good on top of an overcoat (just let it hang on top of, or in your overcoat). The shorter ones (or standard size) look better over or in a suit/sports jacket.
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My long scarves, I just wrap around my neck once, let it hang...I have extra extra long scarves which I can wrap twice around my neck once loose and once tight...
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Your question about scarves was made so much more interesting by the tandem post of your Rome photos. Thanks.

Perhaps you'll jump over to Paris next, for nowhere are scarves more a staple of the wardrobe. In fact there's an old saying that "Every Frenchman knows 27 ways to tie a scarf."

It's true, and I've filled my notebooks with sketches of Frenchmen in their scarves, just to try to capture the overall impression they give. Figuring out exactly how they do it is something else! I know you'll enjoy wearing yours.
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