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RIo de Janeiro+ Brazil Questions

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I'm currently living in Brazil, I've been here for 2 months, and I will be here until July.

1. Anyone have any food recommendations? I grew up in LA+SF, so Mexican food is what I miss most, but I've given up on that. Anything tasty (as in, actually has taste) would be appreciated. I've already posted on Chowhound with a few responses. I've hit most of the touristy/most popular places already. (Sushi Leblon, Porcao, Fogo da Chao, Manikineko, the Ipanema Italian places, Satyricon) At this point, I'd love a kind of low key restaurant with good food. I think I should head towards Botafogo. Opinions?

2. Clothes. I didn't pack enough clothes, and I'm trying to tide myself over until my family visits (late April) so they can bring me my clothes from home. Anyone know of any menswear or denim places in Rio? Most places are extremely overpriced and 2 years behind. (Fedoras are a fad at the well as Ed Hardy/Affliction style t-shirts) I'll regrettably didn't buy anything in Buenos Aires when I was there. I'll be in Sao Paulo for Easter Weekend as well, if that's better. Worst case, there's a mall on the other side of town with some American/Euro shops I'll visit.

Thanks for any help.
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Good quality clothes are extremely overpriced in Brazil. Never been in Rio, but in Sao Paulo you will pay at least 2x the US/Europe price in brands like Ralph Lauren or Levis. In Sao Paulo you can visit Oscar Freire Street or Daslu shop (Daslu has an online store too), those are the places where rich people shop... I donĀ“t think you will find something cheaper in Rio.
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Albur Daslu closed down, they went bankrupt, as far as I know.

Regarding SP from what I experience there wasn't a lot to find and I didn't find the prices, to be that high a Lacoste polo was about 100$, which is cheaper than Copenhagen.

I would say your best bet is the Oscar freire area, where Surface 2 air has a shop, otherwise I would check out Totalsp, Timeout, Unlike and Sufu's guide.
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Wait, you're tired of dining at places like Satyricon? confused.gif you poor thing.

What's wrong with any of the thousand of juice bars with all the snacks and everything for a low key meal? I'm now drawing a blank but the nightlife area of Rio has any number of low key places to eat and its not all feijoada either.
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You also have a lot of "por quilo" restaurants.
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