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Help me choose my new ties

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Hi everyone


I am planning on buying some ties from Sam Hober and have chosen the following 6:



2. midnight-blue-silk-tie-28.html




6. (i preferred the powder blue but its out of stock unfortunately).


I have 3 suits, all solid black, navy and charcoal. I have a few other ties but nothing special and plan on wearing ties almost everyday. 


They will be paired with plain white and blue and blue patterned shirts.


Appreciate comments on the colour and style choices. I like to wear CBD and not flashy but enough to say i know how to dress properly.

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#2 is brown and therefore not versatile. Furthermore, the muddy shade arguably isn't attractive, and the flowers hardly brighten it up. The other ties look better.

By the way, black suits aren't considered right for most situations, including CBD.
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The last two are the most versatile and the only ones I would purchase myself.

Brown ties are ok, but I don't like the one you posted.
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I am not a fan of #2 and #3 if you going to pick a brown tie consider this one. You can pick up the blue on the tie with a blue shirt. On #3 I find the floral pattern too large and in your face but the rest are good choices.
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This is nonsense. Surely a grown man can choose his own ties?
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You will be surprise how men can't choose his own tie.
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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

This is nonsense. Surely a grown man can choose his own ties?

The only nonsense here is that he didn't make it a poll! Let us vote, man. Let us vote!
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Buy. Them. All. 

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Actually, from doing consultations, men's choices can be much worse than the original poster's.
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Ok. I do this as a job for gents. Ties are harder For a lot of gents then one may think. USA style is slightly different form the London and European look but will advise what I think will look the best on a tie by tie account.

1st tie: will work with all three suits and especially plain blue shirts on the navy suit and grey.
2nd tie: for me is similar to first in coordination but doesn't look as good.
3rd tie: not quite right and will work with none of the suts really. Get some tweed or brown suits for business casual and then def with blue shirt.
4th tie: Fun but would only wear for some occasions as is very bold. Great with navy suit, white/blue/blue patterned. Grey suit for a more sober twist.
5th tie: My absolute favourite as it works for all occasions and looks classic. Bond like look with navy suit and white shirt. Soften the look with a light blue shirt. Great with grey and charcoal too with white shirt starker but more Italian, blue shirts more summery. Black ok too.
6th tie: Again is a winner but would mostly work with white shirts, and only navy and grey suit as think would clash a bit with black.

Hope helps.

Check out blog for more info.

Tailor Dan
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Thanks for the replies. Im not very good at colour matching and judging from the responses some of the choices could be better.


Ill get rid of 3 and 4 and choose something else. 


Also number 5 is out of stock too, and number 2 is too close to number 1. Might just wait till they stock up before ordering, this is a lot harder than i though it would be.

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If you have a navy, black, navy, or charcoal suits, try on a few ties in various shades of red, purple, or blue.


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The only one I don't like is number 4. IDK why some of you are calling navy ties brown.

Edit: (Sorry, I missed the joke.) I'm tied.
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No to the floral ties.

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