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Myoplex or metrx?

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I recently started a new weight training program. I've been off for months and just started back up vigorously almost a month ago. I'm an avid user of supplements and getting ready to start the meal replacement drinks. I've got it down to Myoplex and Metrx. I've used Metrx protein shakes in the past and found decent results but my workouts were not as good as they are now. I've heard Jason Sehorn claim that Metrx products are the best and he's cut like a diamond. Anyone have any suggestions based on experience or second-hand knowledge? Thanks.
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Ive tried Metrx and Myoplex, but the problem i had with them is they taste so bad. Currently i use Twinlab Mass Fuel, if you mix it with 3 cups of non-fat milk it has 83g of protein; alot more than Metrx. The taste is also by far the best i've tried.
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Sadly, I have much experience in the supplement category.   MetRx was the first engineered food replacement product.  However, except for their "Mass" series, it has not been updated and, of course, the flavor is not that great.  As far as Jason Seahorn using it, he, along with others, are being paid for their endorsements. Myoplex is EAS' version.  EAS is a great reputable supplement company.  Funny thing is, Bill Phillips, the CEO, used to work for and endorse MetRx.  Their flavor is much better. I prefer to use ISOPro and/or Labrada Lean Body as far as my food supplement.  The protein is much better quality (and more), the flavor is better, and you get better "extras." There is, however, a box of MyoPlex in my pantry right now. I would recommend using this in conjunction with a pure protein powder (such as whey).  Drink one engineered food supplement a day and one protein shake a day (you can also use the bars, I'm chewing on a Solid Protein bar as I type this).  Great results.  
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I've found a good site for supps. Also I've found a great tool for planning out your diet, Go to and download the meal builder. This a great way to tune your diet to get the results you want.
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