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Jil sander, corneliani

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I was interested in either a Jil Sander or Corneliani suit because of their slim cuts. Ive seen a few on ebay for around $400-$500. I wanted to know if they were fused or rolled canvas construction? Thanks.
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I've read/heard that Jil Sander Tailor Made is canvas (the black label). The regular Corneliani and Corneliani Linea Sartoria are canvas. Corneliani Trend and CC are fused.
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I have a tailor made Jil Sander suit. It definitely feels canvas.
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There seems to be a steady stream of Jil Sander suits on ebay - I would try to be certain of their authenticity before buying any. B
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Well I was interested in these suits in particular. Let me know if you think their authentic. Thanks
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The sellers look trustworthy but I'm no expert I'm afraid. Are you aware that the waist of the trousers have very different widths ? One is 35 but the JS is 30 with 1 to let out. If you are a 30 or 31 waist then the corneliani will never fit you properly, even if taken in.
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I think the Corneliani is for real. Can't comment on the Jil Sander although I think it is real as well. It should be noted that the Corneliani is from the Linea Sartoria line which is their high end line. I'd probably ask the seller to make sure that the 35 isn't a misprint or some such: standard drop would put the waist around a 32.
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