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Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

I like this rare, thoughtful post from you. Then again, I also like your snarky posts.
I guess that I just like it all.

The Rick Ownes line was awesome.
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Lots of really nice classical masculine influenced clothes for women by Ralph Lauren
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Originally Posted by Xenon View Post
Lots of really nice classical masculine influenced clothes for women by Ralph Lauren

Very nice.. I think this may be a really good idea... to buy a mans suit designed for a woman.  That way the jacket isn't too long and the pants fit me well in the butt/hips, as mine are much bigger than average males  It would say male but still complement some of my feminine features... giving a very sleek, tailored look.  I may have to go shopping this weekend... I'm just sort of curious where I would go to even find such a thing.  

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Hi Van,


You and I have the same basic problem as far as clothing goes. I'm a bit taller than you, just slightly over 6 feet...but our body types are almost identical. I've been consistently around 135-140 pounds my entire adult life. Couple that with an androgynous look, wrists thinner than most women, and legs that go on for days...yeah, I'm not at all unfamiliar with being called ma'am on quite a number of today. biggrin.gif


I usually have to buy women's jeans because the guy's stuff just swallows me up. I was happy to see the whole skinny jeans style come in vogue, though. I could finally go back to the men's section and not feel embarrassed anymore. Basic menswear is still a bit too basic for me, I conducted an exhaustive internet search to find the things I like.


I do favor a more androgynous style as well--with my body type, I pretty much have no choice if I want something with a better fit that's not women's wear. As far as shopping in person, I tend to gravitate to stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle Outfitters, because they have XS sizes, which are perfect for me. Their small sizes aren't really big either.


But the majority of my shopping is online, and that is where I found clothing nirvana for those who embrace their androgynous side. Here's a site that I adore:


They have a number of sites there that range from the fairly conservative to in-your-face avant-garde. But, the absolute coolest thing about them is that all of the guys are our size...and the majority are quite androgynous as you get to see what you would basically look like wearing the clothes, as they post LOTS of different pics of the models wearing them. They even post the model's dimensions for comparison.


"Deepstyle" is the most famous men's site there, and the most progressive as far as pushing the envelope...but I also love "Aboki", "Hotboom", and "Groove9". Browse around wherever you like there, but those are a few of my faves. Prices are also very reasonable, and the styles are comparable to many of the big name designers.

Here is another fave site of mine, though they've recently begun changing their site around:


This was the first site I discovered a few years ago during the birth of the "metrosexual" phase...and it just blew my mind because I saw a lot of the experimentation that I had been longing for...without the experimental price tags to go with it! LOL!! Very classy site with progressive styles that don't jump off the cliff like "Deepstyle" often does. biggrin.gif


I prefer a more modest take on androgyny, but I do love Rick Owens, Chronicles Of Never, and Ann Demeulemeester designs as well. I hope some of these can at least give you a better idea of what's out there...or just give you some ideas how to manipulate the things you have already. I'm not rich, so I've learned to be quite creative with the things I have...because of the things I've seen on those sites.


We definitely have some things in common, and I look forward to speaking with you about them as well. You can PM me anytime. Let me know what you think of the sites! cheers.gif


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Time for a musical interlude.







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This thread delivers.

Everybody, and especially VanBurnham, you are awesomely indifferent to the social or political correctness of the situation and are just doin' the cool thing: Lookin' Good.
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