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Originally Posted by Cary P View Post

I am currently working for an agent for this company and I have to say I do not agree with this stuff. I am going for my P&C license. I started as only the office manager. Its me and the agent in this office and we have another office with another agent there. I know that to get my license I will pay $177.00 and that is for books and the 2 day class for my PA license. I've been here almost a year and have no complaints and yes we still use the phone book scrub the numbers and make calls I have gotten some business from that. I will remain here in the office doing the same that I do now but my pay will be less and I will get 50% of my commission and the agent will get the other 50% this goes both ways i will also get 50% of his sales just for this office he splits with the other agent as well. So I get a flat hourly rate and commission. As long as I bring business he has no problem paying out to me. I have not sold to any of my friends or family at all. When I see more commission rolling in things may change and I will go full commission but that's on my terms. Still I will not pay to start my own business I will work with my agent we are working on I do all P&C stuff (auto and home) he wants a commercial agent for all our commercial policies and that give him time to go to life appointments and oversee the rest. We do  many more lines of insurance also and I am quite busy from 9-6 these are my office hours which also will stay the same. This also will give me more freedom and I will be able to work from home as well on days that I really have to.

My suggestion..........don't go in business yourself at first work for an agent with the company and see how things go and go from there. I happen to work for a great person and I am very thankful for that and when you work for the company stay at least a year before committing to anything then work out the license and pay with the agent you work for. smile.gif

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Good luck to you Carey P, you're one of the fortunate ones! I'm desperately looking for a exit!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Kirestananderso View Post

He put a big push for this one particular meeting as some big shot was going to be there. So finally I relented and went. The big shot speaker started off with,

Don't fucking keep us in suspense you cunt.
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This thread just never stops delivering. It goes into hibernation and then comes back with gold.
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