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^this is borderline unreadable.

This thread just keeps giving.
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Originally Posted by demon5 View Post

I'm looking at this thread and seeing all these people talking about this as a scam and having to pay 450 to get licensed and such and not from state but farmers itself. I had been contacted by them and went in. I'm not paying a dime for anything at all. They paid background check and paid for the training to get license and are going to pay for both state licenses and then go through all the farmers training. Now this isn't through some random agent but the farmers regional hq for northern california. Also the training I've gone through for license so far says if you don't have the actual state licenses (at least in ca I know for sure) that you can't even talk to customers on phone as customer service to setup or transact anything until you have the state license. they do have options from using their office for free and meet sales quotas or take loan and open your own agency or buying other retiring agents book of customers. The later options don't require any quotas and just require you to know how to sell.

I don't see how it would be a scam. I mean you not being able to sell doesn't mean it's a scam. If your a sucky car salesman you get no commission. If you can sell ice to eskimo's you will be rich. Also those talking about the internet killing regular agents, well that may just work out for me because I run a major online electronics store and know how to market on the internet to bring the people to me. I just need to get past the fact that I'm falling asleep trying to get through 52 hour class and it's followed by a 40 hour one. Once you have the licenses you can just drop farmers and go to any company or start one yourself.

But again I see my story is different as they are paying everything for me to get started.

Why don't you make enough money running your major online electronics store? Seems to me if you fail selling electronics you're going to fail selling insurance.
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Spending to much time on 24 hour a day store with cut throat markups
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That makes sense.
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I fuckin' love this Fred. It never stops giving. It's like the Airing of the Grievances and the Feats of Strength all rolled up into one.
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You know what this thread needs? Yup, that's right: InsurinFool.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

I had a friend that was deeply into AL Williams (I think it's called Primerica now) the big MLM life insurance company. This guy was a true blue believer and relentlessly tried to get me to go to one of the meetings. He put a big push for this one particular meeting as some big shot was going to be there. So finally I relented and went. The big shot speaker started off with, "If you think you're going to earn 100k at your day job next year just leave now." I got up and started walking out. People freaked. I guess it's the first time anyone ever got up to leave. laugh.gif

Oh God this killed me. lol8[1].gif

Thanks to whoever bumped this old thread.
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I once got invited to a MLM scam with a story very similar to the one Douglas shared. Walked away immediately, but my roommate at the time decided to buy in. I think he pre-purchased around $300 worth of product to flip and only managed to sell a small fraction of it to friends and family. By no means a lot of money, but I can tell you being a broke kid fresh out of college trying to get his bills paid he wasn't happy with the choices he made.

Job listings on sites like Monster and CL are full of scams that pray on the young and inexperienced. My first post college interview was supposed to be for a "marketing opportunity." The whole thing stunk from the moment I got the phone call inviting me in, but at the time I decided I didn't have anything to lose by going in. When I arrived I signed in with a lady at the front desk and was told I'd be taken to my interview shortly. Two gentlemen came to great me and said they were there to drive me to my interview close by. At this point I honestly should have walked, but I went ahead and got in the car. Next thing I know they are driving around town stopping at various businesses to sell office supplies. They said they felt it was best to show people first hand what they do before explaining it in the interview process. I of course was in an unfamiliar part of town with no cell phone on me...

Luckily they took me back when I realized what was happening and requested it. I can't imagine how creeped out and vulnerable a young woman might have felt in the same situation.
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I remember interviewing at a life insurance/investment broker place - American Family or whatever. It was awful. You know a job is bad if they don't ask you a single question and still offer you the job.
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I once had an interview at one of those "We'll solve your problems with the IRS!" places. I put it into my cell phone wrong and realized the next day that I missed the interview. Being really embarrassed, I went by the place to apologize. They offered me a job on the spot. Nothing desperate about that, right?
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Just means you're baller.
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I filled out an application for Arby's right at the counter, before I finished my curly fries they had offered me a job.

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I call bullshit on that Harvery. No way are you qualified for Arby's. Taco Bell maybe, but not Arby's.
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Art of Charm ran an episode a while back on MLM "opportunities" and why they are almost always a scam. It's a good listen if you are interested in the topic:
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I sell E&O to Insurance agents and hear these type of stories all the time. If you are a Farmers agent and would like to maybe

get some justice and maybe recover some of your losses please email me at 

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