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Designer stubble?

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Very often, I skip a day or two between shaves, and some stubble grows in the expected areas. I usually leave no more than one or two millimeters, but yesterday, my friend chided me for not shaving daily. I never thought that "designer stubble" looked bad, but now I'm self-conscious. What is the prevailing opinion?
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Stubble is largely a matter of genetics and personal taste. As a rule, you want to keep your skin smooth for the office, but you can let your hair down, so to speak, on the weekends. Beyond that, if the stubble grows in evenly, that's cool, even if your friend doesn't like it (unless your "friend" is your significant other, in which case, lose the whiskers). If you tend to get patchy growth, it probably looks more slovenly than slick. But, hey, if you really don't feel like shaving on Saturday morning, it's your day"”do what you want.
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It does look cleaner and neater if you shave daily, but personally, I think it looks great with a little stubble depending on what colour(s) it is. As long as the colour is even, a bit of stubble can look fantastic, very masculine. I'm a fairly light ashy blonde and the colour of my stubble/beard is a bit uneven, unfortunately. Overall the colour is very light while quite a few hairs are practically light brown. If I grow a beard (I did it once and only kept it a few weeks, couldn't stand the scratchiness) it looks pretty good and evenly blonde, actually. If I only have stubble my face looks practically moldy... Not very attractive.
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