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Styleforum Blog: A visit to Cilento, Naples.

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by Derek Guy


Cilento is the oldest men’s store in Naples, possibly even all of Italy. Like many good things in Naples, it’s not something you’d easily come across unless you knew what you were looking for. It’s outside of the main shopping districts and close to some government buildings. Nonetheless, it’s quite well known to the locals and a real treat to visit.

The shop was founded in 1780, but it wasn’t until 1820 when it was moved to its present location on via Medina, where it’s currently spread across two buildings. The main shop holds a range of clothing, footwear, and accessories that would satisfy the taste of any businessman or outdoorsman. Here you see mannequins with waxed field jackets and floppy cotton hats. Fine leather bags decorate the tops of old wooden shelves, which in turn hold stacks of neatly stacked, soft, woolen knits.

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Great write up. Thanks for sharing.

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Great article, thank you.
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Good story
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That was interesting.
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Great shop, visited it a couple of years ago smile.gif

Only thing I got from there were these.
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Originally Posted by ljrcustom View Post

Great write up. Thanks for sharing.

+1 Can't believe I didn't visit last time I was in Napoli, next time I'm going for sure.

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I returned from a recent trip to Naples and was very impressed with Cilento. It is criminally under-appreciated. This may have something to do with it being quite far from the center of the commercial district. In fact, I stumbled upon it in search of a pizza joint nearby. I bought a few items which I'll post here but my favorite is with my USA tailor who is adjusting the sleeve length of a reversible rain jacket lined with loden cashmere. I'll post that when available sometime in February/March. But for the time being here are a few other items:

photo image_zpsevcftwcn.jpeg

photo image_zpsuuhjd93v.jpeg
Six-fold self-tipped. There is a tactile difference between this silk and that of my other ties. I cannot really describe it other than to say that if feels more substantial.

photo image_zpsb8rmdzyo.jpeg
This was a tie that they gave me as a present. They learned that I was a lawyer and they have ties specific to many professions. The motif here is worn on the robe of Italian barristers (not sure if this was done historically or done currently).

photo image_zpseqiouqxy.jpeg

photo image_zpsakqkq5cz.jpeg
I'm not sure what to call this other than the bastard child of a cravat and a scarf. It is made of whisper thin silk and worn around the neck to protect against the cold. I haven't worn it yet and probably will not wear it often but I'm really looking forward to the right occasion to do so.
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So the forecast today was for cool temperatures with a 50% chance of rain. That provided the perfect opportunity to break out the jacket that I bought at Cilento last year. It is reversible with loden cashmere on one side and a waterproof, tan canvas on the other. I have already used the cashmere side and will probably test the canvas side this afternoon.

photo 500D2E0B-2A7E-4711-8963-7D1AE19014F5_zps6k6cqmbs.jpg
photo F74E1A39-1DD4-411F-9A64-D7C575A5EC90_zps20lidxkr.jpg
photo 978D3155-63D4-420C-A66F-9EDAD672EFCC_zpsns82hutu.jpg
photo 06D9B780-54F8-4DC1-9AE6-2AC018DAE8B6_zpsn7tq1aza.jpg
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