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Decorating first appartment in NYC

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Hey all,


In the next few weeks, I will be moving into my first apartment in Manhattan. It is a very exciting time, as I've been waiting (and saving) for this opportunity for a while. I'm very familiar with the city and I'm aware with how much everything costs, but I still will be on a tight budget.


I need to start from scratch in regard to decorating an apartment. I need to buy a bed/all room furniture, as well as couch and living room furniture that I will split with my two roommates. Can anyone make any good recommendations for furniture stores or items that they like that can be found either online, or in the city. And I am already familiar with IKEA.


Looking forward to hearing anyone's input.

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I am doing the same but in boston...went to ikea today and did some recon...Im going mostly with their malm stuff. I also bought a simons mattress today. Good Luck!
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1) paint the apt a clean bright white

2) Get a cool looking lamp that is also good for reading in the bedroom and another one in the living area. A great looking lamp really adds style to a room. This is a place to splurge because you can take it with you when you move.

Something like this next to a bed or on a desk is great

3) Just go with plain white towels and sheets. Add two inexpensive multi colored or denim throw pillows on your bed for a color accent

4) Find a vintage fabric flag to hang on the wall. They look cool, they soften a room more than posters and they add color

This will give you an idea
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Less is more. Don't bring suburban sized furniture or ideas about what you think you need to have to your new small nyc space. Think militant minimalism.
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don't cheap out on the bed or couch - these are the most important parts of the house for your comfort. I went with a sterns and foster mattress and a crate & barrel axis couch (I have a townhouse so the couch actually fits in the room). your taste in furniture may vary, but don't get something only b/c it's cheap and looks good. your back will hurt and you will be miserable that those precious few minutes of free time you have are spent uncomfortably.

for decorative pieces, hit the yard sales and flea markets in brooklyn - you can find some really interesting stuff for pennies on the dollar. i'm from philly, and i'm jealous of all that my friends have available up there.
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CB2 and Muji are great (basically next to each other at the southern part of Soho), Room and Board is solid if you have a bigger budget, and of course Ikea is great (I prefer the NJ location over Red Hook). We tend to use Ikea for things like shelves, wardrobes, and other storage knick knacks, while CB2 and R&B are ideal for furniture.
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Don't forget West Elm.

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This has all been very good information and tips. Definitely a push in the right direction. Please, any other thoughts would be much appreciated! Also, pictures and links are very welcomed as well.

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I signed on a new place today (rent, not buy). In my experience a pure white on the walls can be too much, just too bright, clinical. Whereas one of the off whites subdue the brightness while still being bright enough. Made this mistake before. My 2c...
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I painted my walls and ceiling black to match the color of my heart.

...And my shoes.
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Ralph Lauren makes a shade of white that I have used several times called Studio White. It is white and clean but is far more easy to live with than an appliance white. Subtle differences in shades can make a huge difference. Lighter colors can really help to open up a room.
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I never thought about paint. It never occurred to me that it was important at all. I've been worrying about bed/couch/dining table etc. but I guess you do really need to start with paint.

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I have been in my new place for over a year and I have only painted one "accent" wall. My girlfriend has been on my case about painting the bedroom a "warmer" color. I would like a dark, dark brown, but along the lines of what psg said it makes the room look smaller. I think it would be cozy, however. I told the gf if she pays for it and/or does it herself she can paint it any color she wants.
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Dark brown can be a cool, masculine look. But in a tiny place it can really close you in.
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What about some things to think about besides the color of walls? Does anyone have anything they wish they knew when they were first moving out on their own?

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