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Thoughts On New Glasses

Poll Results: Which Pair of Glasses Do You Believe Suit Me Better?

  • 100% (1)
    Tom Ford (Thicker Squarer Pair)
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    Oliver Peoples (Thin Round Pair)
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I am getting a new pair of glasses and am going for a big change. After spending over an hour trying on dozen's of pairs and getting on the poor store clerks nerves I've narrowed it down to two pairs.


There's pros and cons to each pair, firstly the squarer pair (Tom Ford's) have loads of character and I feel like if I wore them they would become apart of my look - like he's they guy with the funky glasses. The other pair (Oliver Peoples Riley) fit really well and are comfortable and I'd like to think that I can pull off the round look. From the side view in my opinion, the Tom Ford's look better, while straight on the Oliver Peoples do. 


I've included a pair of my current glasses that I've been wearing for the past three years - a pair of Hackett rectangle spectacles.


I'd love your thoughts and opinions. My brothers girlfriend told me she thinks I should get a squarer pair as it makes my jaw look squarer and that round lenses make my face look feminine.


P.S. The pictures were taken normal portrait but when loading them the site put them on their sides and I can't figure out how to realign them.


Photo on 2012-02-24 at 10.09.jpgphoto (1).JPGphoto (2).JPGphoto (3).JPGphoto.JPG


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Personally, I think the thinner pair is a good look on you. It fits your face better than the other pair.

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I think the Riley's look much much better
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