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1 one day my father to son, tell stories.
Dad: "in the spring and autumn period..."
Son: "clear spring or autumn is?"
Dad: "have a rulers..."
Son: "is it a pig or a monkey?"
Dad: "..."
2 son, this year three and a half recently in love with role-playing games.
The son said: "dad, I'm dumplings, you eat up me!"
Then my husband is very involved in the belly of the son about on the arch.[url=]discount Louis Vuitton Wallets[/url] His mouth like kipper also like kipper sound made children giggled.
Son smiled and asked: "dad, I delicious not?"
The husband say: "good! Mother dumpling of pack than much better. Oh, baby you is what dumplings with?"
Want to go to the son of poop seriously said: "dad, I was filling the shit!"
3, the sons of one man was bitten by a mosquito, he gave his son wind and said to the son, "wind contains a thing, mosquitoes to hear he was afraid, and will not to bite you."
The son said: "if it nose back?"
4, today sent to me a friend she 8 months big daughter's photo, photo baby in hand ate a half bananas, leave your mouth in tears.
I'm surprised to ask friends, "she will eat banana ah"?
Friend answer: "yes." .
I ask again: "that why she cried so sad?"
The answer to my friend gush a smile: "wear too thick, her arms and short, ate a half can't reach".