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Self tanner?

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Anyone know of a excellent sunless tanner for my face? I'm not hesitant to spend a little more for a quality product. I currently use Aramis Healthy Look Gel, but the downside of it is that it washes off with just water. Consequently sweating (in a club) also removes it, and it stains my collars. I'm looking for a product that lasts for like two days.
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I gave up on the whole sunless tanner thing. It's too much trouble and there's too much room for something bad to happen ;p I go to a tanning salon for 10 minutes a week. Some people cite health concerns (skin cancer). However I really don't think that 10 minutes of tanning per week is gonna kill me. I don't have numbers, but it's even worse if you go out in the sun and you're not used to it. Since i have a base tan year-round, when the sun is really beating down on me, there's less risk to me than to someone who never goes in the sun (or to a tanning salon). There's nothing exact abuot any of this, I just think there's too much paranoia surrounding this stuff. People think that if they go tanning they'll automatically get skin cancer or something.
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estee lauder sunless super tan for face - dark. good stuff. but the pump stops working when there still is lots of fluid in the jar. be sure to unscrew the top and get out the rest.
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