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Patrick Booth's (Almost) Daily Haiku Thread - Page 23

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Is it time for beer?
It is always time for beer.
Who has got the beer?
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I love pizza and
I love beef Wellington and
I am getting fat
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Bagels lox Cream cheese
Salami Bologna ham
Not served together
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Norwegian welting
Looks pretty to many but
Not very useful
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too much alcohol
Insufficient gym time makes
Jon rolly poly
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Missed a haiku day
Responsibility sucks
Pretty much always
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Fucking breakfast time.
A Bloody Mary, quick please!
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striking the correct
Balance is tough between jokes
And serious thoughts
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Genoa, Grado
Adriatic, Aegean
Venice ruled them all
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Ace of base, milli
Vanilli, NKOB,
90's music's kool
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A rip, a torrent,
A young woman shrieks in pain,
Public toilets smell
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I smell cooking eggs.
I am not cooking the eggs.
From whence do I smell?
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Have not drunk much wine
but I have drunk martinis
this is for Travers
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