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Rustic Canadian Interior Renovations Design Ideas

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I just bought an old home that were going to be renovating over the next few months. We've just begun planning and are looking for any design ideas, fixtures or furniture suggestions, or books/mags/blogs where we might find some ideas.

We want to go for a rustic canadian industrial vibe with a slight modern twist if that makes any sense. Worn/reclaimed woods, dull metals (no chrome) without any ornate old fashioned details.

Here are some pics of the place currently, we love the old marked wood floors and unstruck mortar joints in the brick wall.














I just found this table that fits perfectly with our vision of the place:

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That table is a bit industrial/reclaimed for the current look you have going on in the place.

Also, I have to say I think the dining set and stools look out of place. I'd prefer something with a slightly lighter tone and more character but not TOO rustic as you'd want something that counters the wood burning stove and traditional style banister.

*edit* oops, re-read the OP. That table does match the look you're planning on going for, very well. I think what would have to change would be the railings/banisters (something iron would be super cool, likely expensive) and going with some less neutral accent tones would be helpful on things like pillows, wall hangings, chairs, etc.

Also, sweet house!
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Sorry, to clarify; we just purchased the place and the images above are pictures from the listing not our furniture. We'll have a clean slate to work with.
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We will be gutting the kitchen and bathrooms (bathrooms not shown in the listing because they were horrible), and we've been playing around with the idea of ripping out the railings as well.
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Rip out the railings/kitchen floor/overhead lights. Keep the kitchen but have the cabinets spray laquered dark grey if not near black. Stain the the floors a mid-dark grey. Paint the trim/fireplace/brick near black.


I think what you're after is the R&W vibe.










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I'd suggest looking through remodelista for ideas - they do a pretty good job of selecting interesting styles that might be appropriate.
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