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Howard Yount or BB Black Fleece?

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I've read opinions on both and I don't believe they typically get compared head-to-head given the wide discrepancy in pricing. End of season sales though change that. Are the two comparable head-to-head? Just looking at some basic wool flannel dress pants. I definitely appreciate the small touches that HY illustrates in the product photography. I've visited the local BB once, and only to look at the trench coats, so I don't know if the tailoring is comparable or not. I know price is a weak indicator of quality.

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I have never bought anything from BF, even though I lived across the street from one for a couple years. But I've bought quite a few things from HY across the spectrum, and I love them. BF has great fabrics and very solid construction, often a little better than HY, but not always. The deciding factor for me has been that the fit and some details are always a little off imo. Plus for the price, I'd rather have things made that fit perfectly.
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The early BF pants were very well constructed and fairly priced at $800. Not sure about construction or pricepoint now.


HY offers a more contemporary cut.


Both have excellent customer service.


One thing to consider is rise. BF has a long rise of about 12" and I don't think they've changed that, so try a pair on if you can. If you're a BF3, I have a few pairs from the early days kicking around.



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That's odd... My perception of things was that BF had a more modern cut. Unless contemporary != modern in this context. It's difficult to get to the local BB here. At least for me.

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They're surprisingly comparable given how much higher BB list prices are. I own both and don't have a strong preference. The BB might have a higher rise by an inch or so - I'll have to measure. The leg openings are a very similar width.

That said, I prefer BB's striped cupro lining to HY's oxford, and BB's smoky mop buttons definitely best the black-with-white-smear ones HY uses. I do wish BB had a zipper fly like HY and no silly external locker loop.

Can't go wrong with either.
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HY makes a great pair of trousers. BBBF also has good quality but I think the difference is that at retail their stuff can be overpriced for what you get.

With respect to pants, HY provides a contemporary, slimmer cut trouser, lower rise but not insanely low, great selection of fabrics and so on. BBBF do indeed have a higher rise.

So it all depends on what you are looking for. I have BBBF, HY and Epaulet Slim Walt. I prefer the Epaulet trousers slightly more over the HY and will sell my BBBF.
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I have a similar question, but comparing Howard Yount to Borrelli/Valentini on ShopTheFinest...

$190 HY gray flannel: http://www.howardyount.com/collections/wool-pants/products/lambswool-flannel-dark-gray


$199 Borelli gray flannel: http://www.shopthefinest.com/p-51774-borrelli-gray-pants-size-32-us-48-eu.aspx
$179 Valentini gray flannel: http://www.shopthefinest.com/p-27163-valentini-sartoria-gray-pants-size-36-us-52-eu.aspx

Any thoughts on the quality, fit, etc of HY versus these STF options?

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