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White blazer...

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Does anyone know of any good places to look for a while blazer? I've looked everywhere for one ever since I saw Pharell wearing one in his "Frontin" music video. I have found none. If anyone has any idea where I might find one online or in the Northern Virginia area, please let me know. Thanks. Eric
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I'm pretty sure Gucci does a white blazer every year (since Tom Ford's collections tend to be minimalistic in black and white). I'm not sure where you would be able to find one in your area, but check on ebay for some good deals. I would expect that Pharell would wear a blazer from Gucci or another high-end fashion-forward label. If you are a 38R, you could snap this Emporio Armani blazer up for a great price: EA Jacket
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I haven't seen the clip, but if it's a fairly standard, 3-button jacket you're after, Siegel's, a zoot suit/swing-era clothing store have, seemingly, a whole warehouse full. The quality may not be stellar, I've never seen one in person, but if they don't have your size - anywhere between 36S and 60L - I'd be shocked.
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Thanks for the help fellas.  I checked a little more online and found one from Ermenagildo (sp?) Zegna for under $300.  I might have to snatch it up. VarsaceMan, thanks for the tip, but I'm an ever elusive 38L, but can fit into a 40R.   Nick thanks for the link I'll have to check them out also, it would be nice to find one alittle cheaper than $300. Edit: Nick, I checked out that blazer at Speigels and prepare to be shocked, they don't have my size. Oh well thanks anyway for the tip. Eric
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If you are willing to spend the money, you should check out the white blazer from Burberry prorsum. The blazer is lined with pinstripes and the tailoring is razor sharp. The styling is great and it's something i would imagine Pharell would wear. It is one of bailey's signature pieces and had a lot of exposure in fashion magazines (check Details with Nick Lechey on the cover), therefore it may not sit there to buy later at a discount.
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