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Ideas for Vacation spot

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I'm looking for some ideas on where I can possibly go for vacation this year. We've been to Seattle and loved it, San Fransisco the year before and really loved that too. San Diego, which was just alright, Puerto Rico for our honeymoon, and Miami before that.

We're not sure where we want to go this year. We were wanting Boston because my wife wanted to see the Celtics play, but it doesn't seem like that will happen because we want to go when it's warm, but not sweating hot out. I want someplace also that I can get some good craft beer to drink as well. My wife also thought of Vancouver, but I'm not 100% sold on that, and we need to get our passports as well.

We enjoyed Seattle and San Fran because there was so much within walking distance of where we are staying, and so many great places to eat too. We don't go out and hit the clubs at all either. Just mainly love to eat, drink beer and explore what the cities have to offer.

We have also been to Chicago for Halloween weekend a couple years ago, but didn't really get to see that much, and always thought it would be nice to go back. Will have to do some checking on that to make sure on places not to go within the city. But one thing that is kind of holding me back on that is that we live in Iowa, so Chicago doesn't seem like we're going very far for vacation, and maybe it's just me being stupid. I would love to hit Goose Island, and other local beer spots/breweries if we do go to Chicago.

Just wanting any other opinions on some other places that might be worth checking out. We plan to go in May/June time, so it's not too hot, and not too cold either.
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Just in the USA/America?
How long?
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More than likely just the U.S. unless we find more of a reason for Vancouver. We hope to go to Paris next year for our 5 year anniversary. Going to be a week long vacation.
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New Orleans for Jazz Fest, first week of May. One of the great American cities.
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I'm from Iowa Darjee. Those are good selections, I'm just not sure if I can deal with N.Y. with the huge amounts of people all the time. Seems like I'd be very high strung.

I think Portland and NO would be more my style. We've always kinda wanted to go to New Orleans, and since the city has made a huge recovery from Katrina it might be well worth it.

What we've found and liked most, is having a lot of stuff more centrally located to be able to check out around our immediate area, just in case we need to go back to our hotel room to rest, since my wife has some health issues that she tires more quickly than most people, and other factors. We like the big city feel, but welcome a more chill/laid back type of big city vibe. Think that's why we enjoyed Seattle and parts of San Fran the most out of all the places so far.
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New Orleans can be enjoyable. It is certainly unique.

Have you thought about less of an urban setting and maybe something like Sedona, AZ in the spring? Great views, warm weather, relaxing. Or, Key West for beer and sea air. Both are a beautiful drive from the airport.
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Charleston, South Carolina, is a very charming city and May/June is before it becomes oppressively hot. Some of the sights are outside the city and will require a car to get to, however.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Charleston, South Carolina, is a very charming city and May/June is before it becomes oppressively hot. Some of the sights are outside the city and will require a car to get to, however.

Ditto Savannah though Charleston has maybe more going for it in the city. We spent a few days out there around Valentine's a few years ago. Wife really enjoyed it.*

You could stay out on or visit Tybee Island. Temps should OK then if humid.

*But my wife's idea of vacation is not going to an NBA game. wink.gif
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If you want a relaxing vacation where you gorge yourself on great food every day, try Ojai CA. It's a very charming place.
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I think a lot of the recommendations would leave you with a bit of a thin schedule over the course of a week. They may be great to visit for a long weekend...

How about Miami?
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If you really don't want to go to New York then I would agree with New Orleans, though if Canada is still an option I would suggest Quebec.
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All of the above's recommendations are great. But... no love for Colorado?

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I was going to suggest Bangkok before I had clicked to read your comment and then I saw, no sweating hot out...... Then, I went..... OH WELL!
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So we decided on going to Boston for a few days, and for sure see a Celtics game. Also I believe we will be going to Chicago later on this year to go see a few local breweries. Any places we need to check out while we are in either town?

Thanks for all of the suggestions
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Museum of Fine Arts, Harpoon brewery tour, Freedom Trail tour, Louis Boston (clothing), James Hook & Co. (lobster rolls), Mike's Pastry (cannolis), Liberty Hotel bar (drinks)
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