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Anyone seen MIJ DH jeans with zipper on hem?  like this one


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Originally Posted by Voidoid View Post

Anyone seen MIJ DH jeans with zipper on hem?  like this one

I have not, do you have an idea how old? They look almost flared at the hem, maybe 21 cm cut? Can you get a closer look at the zipper. They almost always have DH on them.

Just got a new jacket, btw, and it has the exact same zipper on it. I'm not sure if you're asking an authenticity question or just want the style reference.

I think they're kind of cool, but hard to tell from the picture alone. Very rock n' roll.
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Does anyone know anywhere to find an Awesome Dior Jacket? Also there are a pair of DH Runway Boots in My Closet Closeout if Anyone is Interested.
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/\ See my sig. Perhaps it fits you....
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I have a size 32 in the raw 19cm MIJ but after a year they are way too big. They stretched out to be about 36" now. Thinking about getting another pair but sizing down this time. My waist measured is about 33", do you think I should get a size 30 or 31?

Also interested in some of Dior washed denim, do people buy these true to size or do they stretch a lot also?

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31" for instant proper sagged look. "30" will take some time stretching, but get there eventually. Usually size up 1 for mij washed. They won't stretch as much, or as quickly.
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Exactly as he said. 31 is more of the traditional DH sagged look, although 30 would give you that slimmer cut. If you want to go skinny, try the 17.5cm raws. They're my favorite.

I wear 28 in the DH washed denim and 27 in MIJ 17.5cm raws. I size 17.5 and 19 cm raws the same, as the waist doesn't change, it's only the leg opening and the back rise is a half inch lower in 17.5 (weird, I know). I only have experience with MIJ, but have a feeling MII would be a touch larger.
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Thanks guys.

cocostella, when you say size up for washed, do you mean size up 1 from my true waist or size up 1 from my size in the raws?
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^1 up from raw for washed as a general rule of thumb if uncertain. But washed pairs size all over the place in reality (have a pair of washed 28 17.5cm but couldnt get my calves into another pair of sz30 17.5cm), so it would be best to try them on somewhere first
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What are the prices for Dior Homme denim now in the US? I bought mine a year ago in Vegas and forget how much I paid. I'm now located in Singapore where everything usually costs 30-40% more so I might have someone in the US buy them and ship them to me.
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Got my pair a couple days ago and finally got the time to snap some pics.
Thanks to Berserker, jeanetic and a couple others for sizing/ordering advice.

Original Picture-->

Got all buttons and clasp easy. I'm just worried in the long run since I always hit the gym every summer and get bigger.
What do ya'll think?
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They look good. They'll stretch a bit but be careful that your thighs don't get too much bigger because that stretches only a little. Do you squat or run?
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Thanks. I usually just run but i'm pretty young so I guess i'm still growing gradually.
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MIJ Silver Selvage 19cm, sz29. Could possibly have gone down one more (although I initially had a little difficultly buttoning the top button, they've already stretched a bit I think), but I honestly love the fit of these and my boys aren't being crushed by teh fashun jawnz so that's definitely a plus. I tried on some black MIJ 29s in Sak's and they fit a good deal snugger and there was no way I could fit into those 28s (i couldn't do the top 2 or 3 buttons) , any what's up with the variances? 

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Dont size down they look good
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